Dragon Gate

For the Dungeons and Dragons nerd with a lot of coin to spend, here is a dragon gate to protect your home and comic book collection.
In Dublin, Ireland, stands an estate reminiscent of old folklore, complete with its own dragon! Of course, dragons are mythical creatures, so this home only has a dragon made of steel which acts as its gatekeeper. The property, known at Harlech House, was originally built in 1798 by a Welsh immigrant. (The estate is actually named after a town in Wales called Harlech and the national flag has a dragon on it.) Harlech House sits on less than an acre of land but is full of enchantment. It features religious iconography and fairy-tale motifs throughout the seven-bedroom home, but it's the dragon gate that grabs the most attention.


  1. Some people have more money then sense.

  2. dirtycowgirl...what's wrong with the gate? It is a work of art. If yiou have the money why not spend it on a beautiful work of art!!!

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