Fuling Jiabing from China - A Taste Test

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My son and I try Fuling Jiabing.

Fuling jiabing (茯苓夹饼), also known Fu Ling Bing or Tuckahoe Pie, is a traditional snack food of Beijing and is an integral part of the city's culture. It is a pancake-like snack made from flour, sugar, and fuling (Poria), rolled around nuts, honey, and other ingredients. Different ingredients are rolled into the pancakes making a variety of Fuling jiabing. The pancakes can be carved into beautiful patterns, too. It used to be a light snack served to the royal family or governmental officials in the Qing Dynasty. Now it has become a must-have snack of Beijing. Daoxiangchun (稻香村) is the best known for its Fuling jiabing. - From Wikipedia

Ai Wo Wo - We Taste Test this Chinese Dessert

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My daughter and I taste test a Chinese candy. It's called Ai Wo Wo, and is essentially a rice ball with chestnut filling. It was... interesting.

Tasting Leslie's Cheezy Corn Crunch from the Philippines

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My son and I taste test this Cheeto like snack from the Philippines. It's a Filipino, cheezy and jalapeno corn snack. Pretty good!

Try Mr Mais Corn and Butter Flavored Candy from the Philippines

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My Daughter and I try a Filipino candy, that is buttered corn flavor. I think she like it more than me.

The Best TGIF TV Shows

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Who remembers TGIF? It was the Friday night TV lineup for ABC, from '89-2000, and a couple of little runs after that. It's where some pretty popular shows made a name for themselves. And, if you were anything like me, they were a fun part of your childhood. So without further... talking, here is a list of the best TGIF shows, ranked.

35. Baby Talk  - Scott Baio and Tony Danza couldn't save this show.

34. Making the Band - P Diddy talent show, looking for the next great hip-hop band. Also aired on MTV

33. Hope & Faith - 3 seasons of "meh." Starred Kelly Ripa, which is something.

32. Clueless - Based on the movie of the same name, it lacked the same charm. Aired for 3 seasons.

31. The Hughleys - Black family, white neighborhood, hilarity ensues. Aired for 4 seasons, but despite the run, was never terribly popular.

30. Billy - This was sort of a spin off of Head of the Class. Pretty good British actor and Big Bang's Johnny Galecki , weren't enough to keep it on the air for more than a year.