Submarine Sandwich

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I don't understand this short film at all, but I like it. Watch this guy make a submarine sandwich out of baseball gloves and stuff.

100 lbs (45 kg) of Magnetic Putty

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Ever wanted to play with 100 pounds of magnetic putty? Well live vicariously through these guys.


Super Adorable Tooth Fairy Prank

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This is a video of a Tooth Fairy prank pulled by Youtuber fouseyTUBE. He rounded up his brother dentist and a pretty lady to dress as the Tooth Fairy and surprise some kids. It’s pretty cute. Gonna be really hard to convince them in the future that the Tooth Fairy doesn't really exist, but who cares? So one day they will be severely disillusioned leading to a life long battle with depression. Small price to pay.


15 Unique and Cool Wedding Rings

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Wedding rings don't have to be boring bands, or regular old solitaires. No, wedding bands can be a reflection of your personality, even if you personality is extremely annoying. Check out these 15 unique and cool wedding rings.

Interlocking rings. Perfect for locking on and never letting go.

Eye see you. If you want your wife to feel like the evil Sauron is watching over her while she sleeps, then this is the ring for you.

Are you and your spouse gigantic nerds? How about a mouse sharing ring?