If Animals Were Inflated With Air

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This is why my mom never let me play with the tire air pump.

Every Shot Hit at TPC Sawgrass' 17th hole on 5/7/15

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Like golf? Like rainbows? Check out this video of every shot at the TPC Sawgrass' 17th hole on 5/7/2015.

A 123-yard par 3. Nothing more than a cut-down pitching wedge for PGA Tour pros. And still -- the wind, the stadium setting and the island green combine to make the 17th at TPC Sawgrass one of the most famous holes in tournament golf.


Phone that Runs on Coke


This seems like a perfectly good waste of Coke to me, but I like Diet Mountain Dew, so I suppose this is a non issue.

As a result of my research, I discovered that conventional phone batteries are: expensive, harmful to the environment and difficult to dispose of. In addition, the conventional battery manufacturing process consumes many valuable resources. The concept is based on the idea to create a pollution free environment by using bio-batteries as an alternative to conventional batteries. A bio-battery is an ecologically friendly, energy supply system which uses enzymes as a catalyst to generate electricity from carbohydrates (currently sugar). In order to use the bio-battery as a power source for the phone all that is required is a small supply of a sugary drink. Once the battery dies only oxygen and water remains. Bio-batteries are fully biodegradable and have, on a single charge, a potential life-span three to four times longer than conventional lithium batteries. Meanwhile, bio-batteries are a whole new way of looking at batteries and afternoon tea.


What is May the 4th? Star Wars Day?

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What is May the 4th? Star Wars Day? Star Trek: Voyager's Tim Russ explains everything you wanted to know about The Star Wars and the power of The Fourth. May The Fourth Be With You!