Funny Off Brand Soda Names

I always find it funny when off brands try and come up with creative names for their soft drink knock offs. Here are some examples.

Coca-Cola Classic, Pepsi Equivilant
Big Fizz Cola, Rite Aid
Bubba Cola, Save-A-Lot
Chek Mate Cola, Winn-Dixie
Go2Cola, Safeway
Rally Cola, Giant

7-Up, Sprite, Sierra Mist
Bubble Up, Dad’s Root Beer Company
Citrus Sling, Albertsons
Quist, Giant
Sun Pop, Stop & Shop
Twist-Up, Sam’s Choice
Vess Up, Vess

Mountain Dew, Mello Yello
Citrus Drop, Kroger
Heee Haw, Hy-Vee
Moon Mist, Faygo
Mountain Breeze, Safeway
Mountain Frost, Aldi
Mountain Fury, Roundy’s
Mountain Holler, Save-A-Lot
Mountain Lightning, Sam’s Choice
Mountain Lion, Food Lion
Mountain Maze, Albertsons
Mountain Mojo, Foodland (thanks, Angel!)
Mountain Roar, Harris Teeter
Mountain Yeller, Piggly Wiggly
Ramp, Giant
Rocky Mist, Meijer
Sundrop, Cadbury-Schweppes

Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb
Dr. Bob, Tops Markets
Dr. Bold, Albertsons
Dr. Chek, Winn-Dixie
Dr. Faygo, Faygo
Dr. K, Kroger
Dr. M, Meijer
Dr. Perky, Food Lion
Dr. Phizz, Schnucks
Dr. Riffic, Eckerd Drug
Dr. Rocket, Kmart
Dr. Skipper, Safeway
Dr. Smooth, Real Canadian Superstore (thanks, Susan!)
Dr. Thunder, Sam’s Choice
Dr. Topper, Clover Valley (Dollar General)
Dr. Wham, Buffalo Rock
Mr. aahh!, Giant Eagle
Mr. Pig, Piggly Wiggly

Know of any not listed? Share.



  1. Timeout. Sundrop is NOT a Mountain Dew knockoff. It is its own delicious southern beverage, which should be highly regarded as such.

    1. Sun drop sucks so fuck off it is a MOUNTAIN DEW knock off

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    3. Anonymous person you are rude. Your momma didn't raise you right.You need speak to people with respect even if you disagree with what they are saying. All you had to say was that you disagree

    4. Britany, you are a hero! You alone have saved this comment section. I can tell that your momma raised you right, to be an amazing and spectacular social justice warrior! You defend the natural born right of all bloggers and keep these forms respectful! We thank-you, but also, your fine mother for telling you to respect everyone on the great flying spaghetti monsters green earth! I need to personally tell you that I love you with all my heart!

      -Sincerely Aidan Fry from China(town), NY

  2. Fred Meyer calls their's "Big K". I dunno what the letter 'K' has to do with it, but for $0.50/Bottle, reather than $1.49....I'll take it.

    1. "K" stands for Kroger, the company that owns Fred Meyer.

    2. "K" stands for Kroger, the company that owns Fred Meyer.

  3. You guys are missing DR. Goodguy

  4. you forgot about Dr. POP which i think is save-a-lot

  5. Save-Alot stores have an off brand Dr. Pepper called Dr. Pop.

  6. Sobey's in Canada has a Dr. Pepper knock-off called Dr. Zip

  7. I did a top 5 off-brand Dr. Peppers (click my name for the link). My all time favorite off-brand soda of any kind is Mountain Lightning for Mountain Dew--the label looks almost exactly like Mountain Dew (if memory serves), and it tastes pretty damn close. Also, did you know Mr. aaah was later rebranded as Dr. Aaah? As though he finally got his degree!

  8. Dr Iga. Iga brand doctor pepper.

  9. I just found Dr. Flava by Great Value @ Wal Mart for the first time. I've say it tastes pretty bang on to the real stuff

  10. Superstore for Sprite/7-Up: Spritz Up.

  11. Dr C (found in southern Texas)
    Dr Stripes (Stars & Stripes brand sodas)
    Dr Wow (Super 1/Brookshire's)
    Dr Shasta (Shasta brand sodas)

  12. Dude, bubble up is amazing. I would drink it over sprite, 7up, and sierra mist any day if it were readily availible

  13. Hillbilly Holler is a mountain dew knockoff..Fareway stores

  14. Mountain dew knock offs , chill,drops,explosion,rapids,mellow,mist,moon drop,rush,shoutin,splash,w,wild mountain,wave,citrus pop,hillbilly holler,Kountry mist,Mello yellow.

  15. I had a Mr. Pibb, Mr. Pibb is a replica of Dr. Pepper... but it's the bullshit replica, cause dude didn't even get his degree.


  16. Mr. Pibb was slightly reformulated & renamed/rebranded Pibb Extra (I prefer it, and make a point of specifying "Pibb Extra" when ordering at a restaurant (though the server often questions "Mr. Pibb okay?")

    Also, Sundrop (Sun Drop) is the original citrus cola! The inventor would not sell his recipe to Coca-Cola or Pepsi, so they paid him to develop Mello Yello and Mountain Dew