List of Prank Names

Aaron Thetires (Air in the tires)
Aaron C. Reskew (Air & sea rescue)
Abe Rudder (Hey brother)
Achilles Punks (I'll kill these punks)
Adam Bomb (Atom bomb)
Adam Meway (Out of my way)
Adam Sapple (Adam's apple)
Adolf Oliver Nipples (Ate off all of her nipples)
Ahmed Adoodie (I made a doodie - from The Simpsons)
Al B. Zienya (I'll be seeing you)
Al Beback (I'll be back)
Al DePantzeu (I'll de-pants you)
Al E. Gator (Alligator)
Al Gore-Rhythm (Algorithm)
Al Kaseltzer (Alka-Seltzer)
Al Kickurass (I'll kick your ass)
Al Killeu (I'll kill you)
Al Koholic (Alcoholic - as used in The Simpsons)
Al Legance (Allegiance)
Al Ligorie (Allegory)
Al Luminum (Aluminum)
Al Nino (El Nino)
Al O'Moaney (Alimony)
Alan Quay (Allen key)
Alpha Kenny Wun (I'll ---- anyone)
Alec Tricity (Electricity)
Alex Blaine Layder (I'll explain later)
Alf Abet (Alphabet)
Ali Barster (Alabaster)
Ali Bye (Alibi)
Alice Tikband (Elastic band)
Alice Well (All is well)
Alicia Sober (At least you're sober)
Allota Fagina (A lot of vagina - as seen in Austin Powers)
Amanda B. Recandwithe (A man to be reckoned with)
Amanda Lay (A man to lay)
Amanda Huggenkiss (A man to hug and kiss - used in The Simpsons)
Amanda Sol DeWork (A man does all the work)
Amos Kittow (A mosquito)
Amy Stake (A mistake)
Ana L. Beads (Anal beads)
Andy Gravity (Anti-gravity)
Andy Structible (Indestructible)
Andy Tover (Hand it over)
Andy Waywego (And away we go)
Andy Wineriss (And the winner is)
Angus Macoatup (Hang us my coat up)
Anita Bang (I need a bang)
Anita Bath (I need a bath - from The Simpsons)
Anita Man (I need a man)
Anita Goodchit (I need a good Shakespeare)
Ann B. Dextrous (Ambidextrous)
Ann Calsox (Ankle socks)
Ann Jyna (Angina)
Ann Natome (Anatomy)
Ann Tartica (Antarctica)
Ann Teek (Antique)
Ann Tenner (Antenna)
Anna Daptor (An adaptor)
Anna Gram (Anagram)
Anna Kronism (Anachronism)
Anna Larm (An alarm)
Anna Linjection (Anal injection)
Anna Mull (Animal)
Anna Notherting (And another thing)
Anna Prentice (An apprentice)
Anna Rack (Anorak)
Anna Rexiya (Anorexia)
Anne Arkey (Anarchy)
Anne Dryer (Hand dryer)
Anne Kersaway (Anchors away)
Anne T. Lope (Antelope)
Anne Yewelevent (Annual event)
Annette Head (A net head)
Annette Kurtain (A net curtain)
Annie Buddyhome (Anybody home)
Annie Mah (Enema)
Annie Versary (Anniversary)
Anita Braig (I need a break)
Archie Pelago (Archipelago)
Ariel Hassle (A real hassle)
Arnie Dadrink (I need a drink)
Arthur Chance (Half the chance)
Arthur Rightus (Arthritis)
Artie Choke (Artichoke)
Arty Fischel (Artificial)
Aunt Chovy (Anchovy)
Aunty Biotic (Anti-biotic)
Avery Niceman (A very nice man)
Ayma Dommy (I'm a dummy)
Ayma Moron (I'm a moron)

Barb Dwyer (Barbed wire)
Barb E. Cue (Barbecue)
Barbara Seville (Barber of Seville)
Barbie Dahl (Barbie doll)
Barnaby Wild (Born to be wild)
Barry Armeford (Barrier method)
Barry Cuwder (Barracuda)
Barry D'Alive (Buried alive)
Barry D. Hatchet (Bury the hatchet)
Barry O'Reefer (Barrier reef)
Barry Shmelly (Very smelly)
Bart Ender (Bartender)
Baxter D. Wall (Backs to the wall)
Bea O'Problem (B.O. problem - used in The Simpsons)
Bea Sting (Bee sting)
Beau Vine (Bovine)
Ben Anas (Bananas)
Ben Crobbery (Bank robbery)
Ben Crumpsy (Bankruptcy)
Ben DeToy (Bendy toy)
Ben Dinrode (Bend in road)
Ben Dover (Bend over)
Ben Lyon (Been lying)
Ben O'Drill (Benadryl)
Ben Thair (Been there)
Ben Tubble (Bent double)
Ben Zeen (Benzene)
Bennie Factor (Benefactor)
Bertha DeBluse (Birth of the blues)
Bess Twishes (Best wishes)
Bessy Ality (Bestiality)
Betty Bangzer (Bet he bangs her)
Betty Beatzer (Bet he beats her)
Betty Diddint (Bet he didn't)
Betty Humpter (Bet he humped her)
Betty Woant (Bet he won't)
Bev Ridge (Beverage)
Bill Board (Billboard)
Bill Dersyard (Builders yard)
Bill Ding (Building)
Bill Leeake (Belly Ache)
Bill Lowney (Bologna)
Bjorn Dajoak (Born to joke)
Bjorn Free (Born free)
Bo Nessround (Bonus round)
Bob Frapples (Bob for apples)
Bob Gerunkel (Bob's your uncle)
Bowen Arrow (Bow and arrow)
Boyd Schidt (Bird Shakespeare)
Brandon Iyon (Branding iron)
Brice Tagg (Price tag)
Brighton Early (Bright and early)
Briony Points (Brownie points)
Brook Lynn Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)
Brooke Ennail (Broken nail)
Bruce Dapples (Bruised apples)
Bud Weiser (Budweiser)
Burnedette Down (Burnt it down)

Cal Culator (Calculator)
Cal Efornia (California)
Cal Seeium (Calcium)
Candice B. DePlace (Can this be the place)
Candice B. Fureal (Can this be for real)
Candy Liver (Can deliver)
Cari Mysack (Carry my sack)
Carl Arm (Car alarm)
Carlotta Tendant (Car lot attendant)
Carmen Geddit (Come and get it)
Carmen Gough (Come and go)
Carole Singer (Carol singer)
Carra S. Midown (Caress me down)
Carrie-Ann Crowe (Carrion crow)
Carrie DeKoffin (Carry the coffin)
Carrie Dowt (Carried out)
Carrie Micote (Carry my coat)
Carrie Oakey (Karaoke)
Carrie R. Bags (Carrier bags)
Carrie Smattick (Charismatic)
Carson O. Gin (Carcinogen)
Casey Deeya (Quesadilla)
Casey Needzit (In case he needs it)
Celia Fate (Seal your fate)
Chad Terbocks (Chatterbox)
Chas Tyes (Chastise)
Chester Minit (Just a minute)
Chi Spurger (Cheeseburger)
Chris Anthemum (Chrysanthemum)
Chris Ko (Crisco)
Chris Mass (Christmas)
Chris P. Bacon (Crispy bacon)
Chris P. Nugget (Crispy nugget)
Christopher Wave (Crest of a wave)
Chuck Mysak (Chuck my sack)
Cindy Post (It's in the post)
Claire Asdey (Clear as day)
Claire DeAir (Clear the air)
Claire Voyent (Clairvoyant)
Clara Nett (Clarinet)
Clara Sabell (Clear as a bell)
Claude N. Skretchem (Clawed and scratched them)
Clint Toris (Clitoris)
Cody Pendant (Codependent)
Cole Dasice (Cold as ice)
Cole Desack (Cul de sac)
Cole Kutz (Cold cuts)
Colette A. Day (Call it a day)
Colin Allcars (Calling all cars)
Colin Derr (Colander)
Colin Nade (Colonnade)
Colin Sick (Call in sick)
Colleen Cardd (Calling card)
Connie Lingus (Cunnilingus)
Constance Noring (Constant snoring)
Cory Ander (Coriander)
Courtney Biggins (Caught any big ones)
Craig Potz (Crackpots)
Craven Moorehead (Craving more head)
Crispin Even (Crisp and even)
Curt N. Rodd (Curtain rod)
Curt Zee (Curtsy)
Curtis E. Carr (Courtesy car)
Cy Burnett (Cyber net)
Cy Burns (Sideburns)
Cy Kosis (Psychosis)
Cybil Wrights (Civil rights)

Dale E. Bread (Daily bread)
Dan D. Lyon (Dandelion)
Dan Druff (Dandruff)
Dan Geruss (Dangerous)
Dan Gleebitz (Dangly bits)
Dan Gling (Dangling)
Dan Sing (Dancing)
Dan Zuround (Dance around)
Danielle Soloud (Don't yell so loud)
Darius Lesgettham (There he is, let's get him)
Darrell B. Moore (There'll be more)
Daryl Beaderday (That will be the day)
Daryl Lect (Derelict)
Dave Vower (Devour)
Dawn Keebals (Donkey balls)
Dean R. Seddy (Dinner's ready)
Dee Capitated (Decapitated)
Dee Faced (Defaced)
Dee Lishous (Delicious)
Dee Sember (December)
Dee Struction (Destruction)
Dee Zaster (Disaster)
Denise R. Knockin (The knees are knocking)
Denise R. Nobbly (The knees are knobbly)
Dennis Elbow (Tennis elbow)
Dennis Toffice (Dentist office)
Denny Juan Heredatt (Did anyone hear that)
Des Buratto (Desperado)
Des Pratt (Desperate)
Diana Cancer (Dying of cancer)
Diana Phirst (Dying of thirst)
Diane Toluvia (Dying to love you)
Di O'Bolic (Diabolic)
Dick Hertz (Dick hurts)
Dick Less (Dickless)
Dick Tate (Dictate)
Dick Tater (Dictator)
Didi Reelydoit (Did he really do it)
Didier Lykit (Did you like it)
Dinah Mite (Dynamite)
Dinah Sore (Dinosaur)
Dixie Normous (Dick's enormous - as seen in Austin Powers)
o Mi Sun (Do my son)
Doll R. Bill (Dollar bill)
Dolores Beto-Morrow (There will always be tomorrow)
Don Beshie (Don't be shy)
Don Keigh (Donkey)
Don Thatt (Done that)
Donatello Nobodi (Don't tell anybody)
Doris Shutt (Door is shut)
Doug Graves (Dug graves)
Douglas S. Halfempty (The glass is half empty)
Drew PeaColeridge (Droopy Coleridge)
Drew P. Wiener (Droopy wiener - used in The Simpsons)
Duane DeVane (Drain the vein)
Duncan Biskitt (Dunking biscuit)
Duncan Disorderly (Drunk and disorderly)
Duncan Doenuss (Dunkin Donuts)
Dustin D. Furniture (Dusting the furniture)
Dustin Dubris (Dust and debris)
Dwayne Pipes (Drain pipes)
Dylan Weed (Dealing weed)

Eamon Tillado (Amontillado)
Earl E. Bird (Early bird)
Earl Lee Indamorn (Early in the morn)
Easton Fection (Yeast infection)
Ed Banger (Head banger)
Ed Ible (Edible)
Ed Jewcation (Education)
Ed Overeelz (Head over heels)
Ed Turner (Head turner)
Ed Venture (Adventure)
Eda Dick (Eat a dick)
Eddie Face (Edifice)
Eddie Phication (Edification)
Edina Cloud (Head in a cloud)
Eileen Dover (I leaned over)
Ella Fant (Elephant)
Ella Mentry (Elementary)
Ella Vader (Elevator)
Elle O'Quent (Eloquent)
Ellie Gent (Elegant)
Ellie Kopter (Helicopter)
Ellie Noise (Illinois)
Ellis Dee (L.S.D.)
Elmer Hand (Held my hand)
Emma Chissett (How much is it)
Emma Fraid (I'm afraid)
Emma Grates (Emigrates)
Emma Nate (Emanate)
Emma Roids (Hemorrhoids)
Emma Ruld (Emerald)
Enid Addrink (I need a drink)
Eric Shin (Erection)
Eric Tyle (Erectile)
Eunice Sykel (Unicycle)
Eva Brick (Heave a brick)
Eva Sye (Heave a sigh)
Evan Elpus (Heaven help us)
Evan Lee Arps (Heavenly harps)
Evans Gayte (Heaven's gate)
Evan Nowes (Heaven knows)
Evan Sabove (Heavens above)
Evan Tually (Eventually)
Eve Alminds (Evil minds)
Eve Apporate (Evaporate)
Eve Hill (Evil)
Eve Ning (Evening)
Eve O'Lution (Evolution)
Eve Ann Jelical (Evangelical)
Evelyn Tent (Evil intent)
Ewan Whatarmy (You and what army)

Faye Derway (Fade away)
Faye Kinnitt (Faking it)
Faye Sake (Face ache)
Faye Slift (Face lift)
Faye Tallity (Fatality)
Felix Cited (Feel excited)
Fiona Friend (Phone a friend)
Fletcher Bisceps (Flex your biceps)
Fleur Tashuss (Flirtatious)
Flo Tinaway (Floating away)
Fran Tick (Frantic)
Frank Furter (Frankfurter)
Freda D. Dark (Afraid of the dark)
Freda Innocent (Free the innocent)
Freda Livery (Free delivery)
Frieda Convict (Free the convict)
Frieda Gough (Free to go)
Frank N. Stein (Frankenstein)

Gabe Barr (Gay bar)
Gary Oakie (Karaoke)
Gene E. Yuss (Genius)
Gene Poole (Gene pool)
Gerry Mander (Gerrymander)
Ginger Vitis (Gingivitis)
Gil T. Azell (Guilty as Hell)
Gill Tedd (Jilted)
Gladys Canby (Glad as can be)
Gladys Eeya (Glad to see you)
Gladys Friday (Glad it's Friday)
Gordon Nomes (Garden gnomes)
Grace Quirrell (Gray squirrel)
Gunther Lunch (Gone for lunch)
Gus Comzadia (Gas comes out of you)
Gus Tofwynde (Gust of Wind)
Guy Dinlite (Guiding light)
Guy Wyre (Guy wire)

Hal E. Luya (Hallelujah)
Hal Seyan (Halcyon)
Hammond Eggs (Ham and eggs)
Hank E. Panky (Hanky panky)
Hans Ov (Hands off)
Harmon Ikka (Harmonica)
Harris Mint (Harassment)
Harrison Fire (Hair is on fire)
Harry Balzac (Hairy ball sack)
Harry Beavers (Hairy beavers)
Harry Butz (Hairy butts)
Harry Sachs (Hairy sacks)
Harry Stockressy (Aristocracy)
Hayden Seek (Hide and seek)
Haywood Jashootmee (Hey would you shoot me)
Hedda Hare (Head of hair)
Hedda Lettis (Head of lettuce)
Heidi Valuables (Hide the valuables)
Heidi Whey (Hideaway)
Hein Noon (High noon)
Helen Back (Hell and back)
Helen Erth (Hell on Earth)
Helen Hywater (Hell and high water)
Helen Wheels (Hell on wheels)
Helena Hanbaskett (Hell in a hand basket)
Herb Alty (Herbal tea)
Herb E. Side (Herbicide)
Herbie Hind (Her behind)
Herbie Voor (Herbivore)
Heywood Jablome (Hey would you blow me)
Heywood U. Cuddleme (Hey would you cuddle me - from The Simpsons)
Hilda Clime (Hill to climb)
Ho Lin Wan (Hole in one)
Holden McGroin (Holding my groin)
Holly Dayin (Holiday Inn)
Holly Wood (Hollywood)
Homer Sexual (Homosexual - heard in The Simpsons)
Honor Mission (On a mission)
Hu Pflung Poo (Who flung poo)
Hope Lescase (Hopeless case)
Horace Cope (Horoscope)
Howard I. No (How would I know)
Howe D. Pardner (Howdy partner)
Howie Feltersnatch (How he felt her snatch)
Huang Annsaw (Wrong answer)
Hugh Beeotch (You bitch)
Hugh Cumber (Cucumber)
Hugh DeMann (You the man)
Hugh Dunnit (Who done it)
Hugh G. Rection (Huge erection)
Hugh Jass (Huge ass - used in The Simpsons)
Hugh Jaynus (Huge anus)
Hugh Jorgen (Huge organ)
Hugh Lovett-Upyuraz (You love it up your ass)
Hugh Manatee (Humanity)
Hugh Mungous (Humungous)
Hugh Raye (Hooray)
Hugo First (You go first)
Hy Gene (Hygiene)

Ian de Dark (In the dark)
Ian de Deepend (In the deep end)
Ian O'Sphere (Ionosphere)
I. C. Wiener (Icy wiener - used in The Simpsons and Futurama)
I. C. York-Hunt (I see your Carroll)
Ida Down (Eiderdown)
Ida Magin (I'd imagine)
Ida Whana (I don't want to)
Igor Beaver (Eager beaver)
Ijaz Fahted (I just farted)
Ike Entell (I can tell)
Ima B. Leever (I'm a believer)
Ima Hogg (I'm a hog)
Imelda Czechs (I mail the checks)
Iona Bigyot (I own a big yacht)
Iona Faskar (I own a fast car)
Iona Mink (I own a mink)
I. P. Freely (I pee freely - as heard in The Simpsons)
Ira Fuse (I refuse)
Ira Grett (I regret)
Isaac UrColeridge (I suck your Coleridge)
Isabel Ringing (Is a bell ringing)
Isla Blige (I'll oblige)
Isla Vass (I love ass)
Ivan Ellavonich (I have a Hell of an itch)
Ivan Itchinanus (I have an itching anus)
Ivana Dayov (I want a day off)
Ivana Fukalot (I wanna Frost a lot)
Ivana Humpalot (I wanna hump a lot - as seen in Austin Powers)
Ivana Kutchukokoff (I wanna cut your Coleridge off)
Ivana Tinkle (I wanna tinkle - used in The Simpsons)
Ivana Veekov (I want a week off)
Izzy Backyet (Is he back yet)
Izzy Cumming (Is he coming)

Jack Dupp (Jacked up)
Jack Hoffman (Jack off man)
Jack McCarrup (Jack my car up)
Jack Mehov (Jack me off)
Jack Pott (Jackpot)
Jacob Sladder (Jacob's ladder)
Jacques Strappe (Jockstrap - used in The Simpsons)
Jan E. Torr (Janitor)
Jan U. Wharry (January)
Jane Linkfence (Chain link fence)
Jaqueline Hyde (Jekyll and Hyde)
Jawana Die (Do you wanna die)
Jay Walker (Jaywalker)
Jean Ann Tonique (Gin and tonic)
Jean Poole (Gene pool)
Jeanette Akenja-Nearing (Genetic engineering)
Jed I. Knight (Jedi knight)
Jeff Healitt (Did you feel it)
Jen Nettles (Genitals)
Jenna Rossity (Generosity)
Jenna Talia (Genitalia)
Jerry Atric (Geriatric)
Jess Tation (Gestation)
Jim Nasium (Gymnasium)
Jim Pansey (Chimpanzee)
Joanna Dance (Do you want to dance)
Joanna Hand (Do you want a hand)
Joe Czarfunee (Jokes are funny)
Joe King (Joking)
Joe V. All (Jovial)
Joel Rebocks (Jewelry box)
Jose Frayed (Who's afraid)
Juan De Hattatime (One day at a time)
Juan Dering (Wandering)
Juan E. Namillion (One in a million)
Juan Fortharoad (One for the road)
Juan Manband (One man band)
Juan Moment (One moment)
Juan Mortyme (One more time)
Juan Nightstand (One night stand)
Juana Bea (Wannabe)
Julie Veliteon (Did you leave the light on)
Jurgen Ergeditt (You're going to get in)
Justin Case (Just in case)
Justin Credible (Just incredible)
Justin Hale (Just inhale)
Justin Nuth (Just enough)
Justin Sider (Just inside her)
Justin Thyme (Just in time)

Kareem O'Weet (Cream of wheat)
Karl Lott (Car lot)
Kash Muni (Cash money)
Kate Terrin (Catering)
Kathy Dralspire (Cathedral spire)
Kay Oss (Chaos)
Kay Serrar (Que sera)
Kaye Ken Cofe (Cake and coffee)
Kay Neine (Canine)
Keisha May Ash (Kiss my ass)
Ken Ackumin (Can I come in)
Ken Hartley Reed (Can hardly read)
Ken Niving (Conniving)
Ken Oppenner (Can opener)
Kendal Lawbrer (Candelabra)
Kenitra Bush (Can I eat your bush)
Kenny Dewitt (Can he do it)
Kenny Fakur (Can he Frost her)
Kent Cook (Can't cook)
Kerry Dowt (Carried out)
Kerry Seen (Kerosene)
Kieran D. Community (Care in the community)
Kim Payne Slogan (Campaign slogan)
Kimmy Head (Give me head)
Kirsten Swore (Cursed and swore)
Klaus Shave (Close shave)
Kurt Ainring (Curtain ring)
Kurt Incall (Curtain call)
Kyle Mo Lester (Child molester)

Lance Lyde (Landslide)
Lars Torders (Last orders)
Laura Lynn Hardy (Laurel and Hardy)
Laura Jass (Large ass)
Laura Norder (Law and order)
Laurie Park (Lorry park)
Lee Cage (Leakage)
Lee Gleeders (League leaders)
Lee Keyrear (Leaky rear)
Lee King (Leaking)
Lee Nover (Lean over)
Lee Poff (Leap off)
Lee Pover (Leap over)
Lee Vitoff (Leave it off)
Lee Vitout (Leave it out)
Len DeHande (Lend a hand)
Lena Meet (Leaner meat)
Leo Tarred (Leotard)
Les Ismoor (Less is more)
Lew De Behaviore (Lewd behavior)
Libby Doe (Libido)
Lily Livard (Lilly-livered)
Linda Hand (Lend a hand)
Lisa Neucar (Lease a new car)
Liz Beein (Lesbian)
Liz Entoome (Listen to me)
Liz Onnia (Lasagna)
Lois Bidder (Lowest bidder)
Lois Price (Lowest price)
Lois Steam (Low esteem)
Lola Beedow (Low libido)
Lori Driver (Lorry driver)
Lorna Tennis (Lawn tennis)
Lorne Mowers (Lawn mowers)
Lou Briccant (Lubricant)
Lou Cowt (Lookout)
Lou Cyphre (Lucifer - played by Robert De Niro in Angel Heart)
Lou Decruss (Ludicrous)
Lou Natic (Lunatic)
Lou Pole (Loophole)
Lou Scannon (Loose cannon)
Lou Sirr (Loser)
Lou Smoralls (Loose morals)
Lou Stooth (Loose tooth)
Lou Tennant (Lieutenant)
Louise E. Anna (Louisiana)
Lowden Clear (Loud and clear)
Lucy Lastic (Loose elastic)
Luke Adamgo (Look at him go)
Luke Admadick (Look at my dick)
Luke Atmyass (Look at my ass)
Luke Over (Look over)
Luna Tick (Lunatic)
Lwellan Dowd (You well endowed)
Lydia Bin (Lid of your bin)
Lyle Ike Adogg (Lie like a dog)
Lynn C. Dole (Linseed oil)
Lynn Guini (Linguini)
Lynn Meabuck (Lend me a buck)

Mabel Syrup (Maple syrup)
Madame Crotch (My damn crotch)
Maddi Gascar (Madagascar)
Madge Ority (Majority)
Madka Owdiseez (Mad cow disease)
Major Jump (Made you jump)
Major Lee Gay (Majorly gay)
Major Luke Twice (Made you look twice)
Mal Adjusted (Maladjusted)
Mal Twiskie (Malt whiskey)
Mal Odruss (Malodorous)
Malcolm Tent (Malcontent)
Mand Lynne (Mandolin)
Mandy Lifeboats (Man the lifeboats)
Manuel Labor (Manual labor)
Marcus Abscent (Mark us absent)
Marge Innastraightline (March in a straight line)
Marge Noferror (Margin of error)
Marian Furlove (Marrying for love)
Marian Furmunny (Marrying for money)
Marian Haste (Marry in haste)
Marion Money (Marrying money)
Marius Quick (Marry us quick)
Mark Mywords (Mark my words)
Mark Smann (Marksman)
Mark Z. Spot (Mark the spot)
Marsha Dimes (March of Dimes)
Marsha Mallow (Marshmallow)
Martha Fokker (mother-Froster)
Mary Christmas (Merry Christmas)
Mary Gold (Marigold)
Mary Ott (Marriot)
Mary Thonn (Marathon)
Mary Torrius (Meritorious)
Mary Wana (Marijuana)
Master Bating (Masturbating)
Matt Ress (Mattress)
Matt Schtick (Matchstick)
Matt Tromeny (Matrimony)
Matt Trustain (Mattress stain)
Maude Yuller (Modular)
Maureen Clined (More inclined)
Maureen Portantly (More importantly)
Maureen Tresting (More interesting)
Max E. Mumm (Maximum)
Max E. Pad (Maxipad)
May B. Dunn (May be done)
May Elman (Mailman)
May I. Tutchem (May I touch them)
May O'Nays (Mayonnaise)
Maya Buttreeks (My butt reeks - from The Simpsons)
Maya Magination (My imagination)
Maya Normousbutt (My enormous butt - from The Simpsons)
Megan Bacon (Making bacon or egg and bacon)
Mel Lowe (Mellow)
Mel N. Colly (Melancholy)
Mel O'Dramer (Melodrama)
Mel Practiss (Malpractice)
Mel Tingpot (Melting pot)
Melissa Tothis (Ma listen to this)
Michael Toris (My clitoris)
Michelle Lynn (Michelin)
Mick Stubbles (Mixed doubles)
Mick Stup (Mixed up)
Mick Zupps (Mix ups)
Midas Well (Might as well)
Mike Hawk (My Coleridge)
Mike Hunt (My Carroll)
Mike Litteriss (My clitoris)
Mike Ockhurts (My Coleridge hurts)
Mike Ocksmall (My Coleridge's small)
Mike Oxlong (My Coleridge's long)
Mike Rohsopht (Microsoft)
Mike Rotch (My crotch - from The Simpsons)
Mike Rotchburns (My crotch burns)
Mike Rowave (Microwave)
Mike Rufone (Microphone)
Mike Yermindup (Make your mind up)
Miles A. Head (Miles ahead)
Miles Prower (Miles per hour)
Milly Meter (Millimeter)
Milly Terry (Military)
Minnie Mumwage (Minimum wage)
Minnie Skurt (Miniskirt)
Minnie Stree (Ministry)
Miss Alanius (Miscellaneous)
Miss Bea Haven (Misbehaving)
Miss L. Tow (Mistletoe)
Miss T. Eyes (Misty eyes)
Miss Terri Novelle (Mystery novel)
Miss U. Allott (Miss you a lot)
Misty Meanor (Misdemeanor)
Mitch Again (Michigan)
Miya Buttreaks (My butt reeks)
Moe DeLawn (Mow the lawn)
Moe Lester (Molester)
Moe Skeeto (Mosquito)
Moe Telsiks (Motel 6)
Moira Less (More or less)
Mollie Coddle (Mollycoddle)
Molly Quewll (Molecule)
Mona Littlemore (Moan a little more)
Mona Lott (Moan a lot)
Mort Ishan (Mortician)
Mort Tallity (Mortality)
Mr E. Mann (Mystery man)
Mubahl Zizary (My balls "is" hairy)
Mustafa Look (Must have a look)
Myra Maines (My remains)
Mysha Long (My shlong)

Nadia Seymour (Now do you see more)
Natalie Klad (Nattily clad)
Neil B. Forme (Kneel before me)
Neil Downe (Kneel down)
Neil Efare (Nearly there)
Neil Sonweels (Meals on wheels)
Nesta Vipas (Nest of vipers)
Neve Adda (Nevada)
Nick L. Andime (Nickel and dime)
Nick O'Teen (Nicotine)
Nick Ovtime (Nick of time)
Nick Rofilia (Necrophilia)
Nida Lyte (Need a light)
Noah Count (No account)
Noah Vale (No avail)
Noah Zark (Noah's ark)
Nora Bone (Gnaw a bone)
Norma Stitz (Enormous tits)

Olav Myfriendsaregay (All of my friends are gay - from The Simpsons)
Oliver Bush (I love her bush)
Oliver Clothesoff (All of her clothes off - from The Simpsons)
Oliver DaPlaz (All over the place)
Oliver Sudden (All of a sudden)
Ollie Churpuzzi (I'll eat your Poe)
Ollie Tabooger (I'll eat a booger - from The Simpsons)
Ophelia Pane (I feel your pain)
Ophelia Titsoff (I'll feel your tits off)
Opie Umsbad (Opium's bad)
Orla Nophin (All or nothing)
Orson Cart (Horse and cart)
Orson Ounds (Horse and hounds)
Otto B. Kilt (Ought to be killed)
Otto Matik (Automatic)
Owen Monie (Owing money)

Paige Turner (Page turner)
Pam Purd (Pampered)
Pandora Spocks (Pandora's box)
Pat Mebutt (Pat my butt)
Pat Taytow (Potato)
Pat Tranage (Patronage)
Patty O'Furniture (Patio furniture)
Paul Bearer (Pallbearer)
Paul MyColeridge (Pull my Coleridge)
Pearl E. Gates (Pearly gates)
Penny Foram (Penny for them)
Penny Less (Penniless)
Penny Sillen (Penicillin)
Peppy Roni (Pepperoni)
Percy Cute (Persecute)
Percy Veer (Persevere)
Perry Dice (Paradise)
Perry Docks (Paradox)
Perry Scope (Periscope)
Perry Shute (Parachute)
Perry Winckel (Periwinkle)
Pete Zahutt (Pizza Hut)
Pete Zaria (Pizzeria)
Peter Pantz (Peed her pants)
Phil Atio (Fellatio)
Phil Anders (Philanders)
Phil Itafiche (Filet of fish)
Phil Maglossop (Fill my glass up)
Phil Maweeney (Feel my weenie)
Phil McCracken (Fill my crack in)
Phil MeBrest (Feel my breast)
Phil Mianus (Fill my anus)
Phil Officer (Philosopher)
Philip Eno (Filipino)
Philippa Bucket (Fill up a bucket)
Phyllis Sofickle (Philosophical)
Phyllis Stein (Philistine)
Phyuck Yiu (Frost you)
P. I. Staker (Piss-taker)
Polly C. Holder (Policy holder)
Poppy Cox (PoppyColeridge)
Pyuck Meei (Frost me)

Quimby Ingmeen (Quit being mean)
Quinn T. Senshall (Quintessential)
Quinton Chingme (Quit touching me)
Quinton Plates (Contemplates)

R. Soul (Arsehole)
Rachel DeScrimination (Racial discrimination)
Randy Holeweigh (Ran the whole way)
Ray Deator (Radiator)
Ray Kupleeves (Rake up leaves)
Ray Ling (Railing)
Ray N. Carnation (Reincarnation)
Ray Neday (Rainy day)
Ray Pugh (Rape you)
Ray Scarr (Racecar)
Ray Sersharpe (Razor sharp)
Ray Sleeder (Race leader)
Ray Strack (Racetrack)
Reg Oyce (Rejoice)
Renee Sance (Renaissance)
Rex Cars (Wrecks cars)
Rhea Gretabble (Regrettable)
Rhoada Hoarse (Rode a horse)
Rhoda Camel (Rode a camel)
Rhoda Wynner (Rode a winner)
Rick Kleiner (Recliner)
Rick O'Shea (Ricochet)
Rick Ottersheese (Ricotta cheese)
Ricky T. Bridge (Rickety bridge)
Rip Tile (Reptile)
Rita Book (Read a book)
Rob O. Flavin (Riboflavin)
Robbie Ree (Robbery)
Robin Emblind (Robbing them blind)
Robyn Banks (Robbing banks)
Rocca Vages (Rock of ages)
Roland Buter (Roll and butter)
Ron A. Muck (Run amok)
Ron Devue (Rendezvous)
Ron Osserus (Rhinoceros)
Rory Motion (Raw emotion)
Rosa Teeth (Rows of teeth)
Ross Terr (Roster)
Ross Trum (Rostrum)
Rowan Boate (Rowing boat)
Ruben MyColeridge (Rubbing my Coleridge)
Ruby Kohn (Rubicon)
Rudi Day (Rue the day)
Rudi Mentry (Rudimentary)
Rudy Nuff (Rude enough)
Rufus Leakin (Roof is leaking)
Russ Tinayle (Rusty nail)
Russell Ingleaves (Rustling leaves)
Ruth Tyler (Roof Tiler)

Sabina Pleasure (It's been a pleasure)
Sadie Word (Say the word)
Sal Ami (Salami)
Sal Livver (Saliva)
Sal T. Penuz (Salty peanuts or salty penis)
Sally Mander (Salamander)
Sam Aritan (Samaritan)
Sam Manilla (Salmonella)
Sam Owser (Samosa)
Sam Pull (Sample)
Sam Urai (Samurai)
Sam Widge (Sandwich)
Samson Knight (Samsonite)
Sarah Bellam (Cerebellum)
Sarah Nader (Serenade her)
Sarah Tonin (Serotonin)
Sasha Waist (Such a waste)
Scott Chansoder (Scotch and soda)
Scott Chegg (Scotch egg)
Scott Shawn DeRocks (Scotch on the rocks)
Seaman Stains (Semen stains)
Seelin Phan (Ceiling fan)
See Mihn (Semen)
Selma Boddy (Sell my body)
Sergovia Selv (Sick of yourself)
Seth La Pod (Cephalopod)
Seymour Asses (See more asses - from Futurama)
Seymour Buttz (See more butts - from The Simpsons)
Seymour Cox (See more Coleridges)
Shanda Lear (Chandelier)
Sheeza Freak (She's a freak)
Sheila Blidge (She'll oblige)
Shelia Mazeyer (She'll amaze you)
Sheila Tack (She'll attack)
Sheri Cola (Cherry cola)
Sherman Wadd Evver (Sure man whatever)
Shirley Knott (Surely not)
Shirley U. Care (Surely you care)
Sid Down (Sit down)
Sir Fin Waves (Surfin' waves)
Sir John Sands (Surgeon's hands)
Sir Kit Breaker (Circuit breaker)
Sonia Shew (It's on your shoe)
Stacey Rhect (Stays erect)
Stan Dandeliver (Stand and deliver)
Stan Deasy (Stand easy)
Stan Dingproude (Standing proud)
Stan Doffich (Standoffish)
Stan Dupp (Stand up)
Steve Adore (Stevedore)
Stu Padasso (Stupid Emerson)
Stu Pid (Stupid)
Sue Case (Suitcase)
Sue Denley (Suddenly)
Sue Donim (Pseudonym)
Sue E. Side (Suicide)
Sue Flay (Souffle)
Sue Perrman (Superman)
Sue Render (Surrender)
Sue Ridge (Sewage)
Sum Ting Wong (Something wrong)
Sum Yung Gai (Some young guy)
Susan Orty-Boyden (Who's a naughty boy then)

Tamara Nethercombs (Tomorrow never comes)
Tanya Hide (Tan your hide)
Tara Newhall (Tear a new hole)
Tate Urchips (Tater chips)
Teresa Crowd (Three's a crowd)
Teresa Green (Trees are green)
Terry Bulsmel (Terrible smell)
Terry Cotter (Terracotta)
Terry Fie (Terrify)
Terry Ryst (Terrorist)
Terry Torrie (Territory)
Tess Tickle (Testicle)
Tia Dropps (Teardrops)
Tim Burr (Timber)
Tim Lee Intervention (Timely intervention)
Tim Panny (Timpani)
Tina Beense (Tin of beans)
Tina See (Tennessee)
Titus Addrum (Tight as a drum)
Titus Balzac (Tightest ball sack)
Titus Canby (Tight as can be)
Titus Zell (Tight as Hell)
Toby Hynde (Tow behind)
Toby Paidfer (To be paid for)
Tom Bowler (Tombola)
Tom Martow (Tomato)
Torah Hyman (Tore a hymen)
Travis Tay (Travesty)
Tristan Shout (Twist and shout)
Trudy Lite (True delight)
Tudick Synsider (Two dicks inside her)
Ty Dallwave (Tidal wave)
Ty Imup (Tie him up)
Ty Priter (Typewriter)
Ty Tannick (Titanic)
Ty Tass (Tightass)
Tyrone Shoes (Tie your own shoes)

Uliqa M'Diq (You lick my dick)
Ullee Daway (You lead the way)
Ulrika Garlick (You'll reek of garlic)
Una Brau (Unibrow - from Austin Powers)
Upton O'goode (Up to no good)
Ura Snotball (You are a snotball - from The Simpsons)
Ustrokeet Islewatch (You stroke it I'll watch)

Val Crow (Velcro)
Val Haller (Valhalla)
Val Lay (Valet)
Vasilly Sonovabich (That silly son of a bitch)
Vera Cross (Veer across)
Vic Tree (Victory)
Vinny Gerr (Vinegar)
Viv Atious (Vivacious)
Vlad Tire (Flat tire)

Walt Sing (Waltzing)
Walter Mellon (Watermelon)
Walter Wallcarpet (Wall to wall carpet)
Wanda Dorff (Wandered off)
Wanda Lottie Wray (Won the lottery)
Wanda Phul (Wonderful)
Wanda Rinhands (Wandering hands)
Warren Peace (War and peace)
Warren Tease (Warranties)
Wat Apistle (Water pistol)
Wayne Dear (Reindeer)
Wayne Dwops (Raindrops)
Wayne Kerr (Wanker)
Wayne Ningmoon (Waning moon)
Wendy Windblows (Where the wind blows)
Wi Phukem Yung (We Frost them young)
Will D. Beest (Wildebeest)
Will O'Patten (Willow pattern)
Will Ting (Wilting)
Will U. Jackmeov (Will you jack me off)
Wille Belong (Will he be long)
Willie Byter (Willy biter or will he bite her)
Willie Gofar (Will he go far)
Willie Makeit (Will he make it)
Willy O'Wowntey (Will he or won't he)
Willy Tert (Will it hurt)
Wilma Fingerdoo (Will my finger do)
Wilma Leggrowbach (Will my leg grow back)
Winnie Bago (Winnebago)
Winnie DiPoo (Winnie the Pooh)
Woody U. No (What do you know)

Xavier Breff (Save your breath)
Xavier Money (Save your money)
Xavier Onassis (Save your own asses)
Xavier Zelf (Save yourself)

Yerma Wildo (Your ma will do)
Yul B. Allwright (You'll be alright)
Yule B. Sorry (You'll be sorry)

Zeke N. Yeshallfind (Seek and you shall find)
Zelda Kowz (Sell the cows)
Zoltan Pepper (Salt and pepper)



  1. What about Jack King Goff and Kash Register?

  2. Replies
    1. agree, someone's stuck in the 4th grade.

    2. wrong - 4th grade for life. #NeverGrowUpItsATrap

  3. Sophia Sticated, Sombra Roe, To Tallity. If I think of anymore I'll come back :)

  4. Tess T. (Tess T. calls) (from the Simpsons)

  5. what about Shi Thead (shithead)

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    Ken Tuckey
    Beverly Hills
    Col Sanders
    Gemma Stone
    Lance Boyle
    Polly Ester
    Rick Shaw
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  8. im looking for some dino themed ones

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