Top 21 Snacks at Disneyland and California Adventure

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Disneyland and California Adventure are well known for their rides, characters and atmosphere. But, Disneyland and California Adventure are equally well known for their food. Here are the top 21 Disneyland foods according to experts (me, I'm the expert):

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21. Sugar Cookies/Cookies at Multiple Locations

20. Matterhorn Macaroon at Multiple Locations

19. Mickey Premium Bar at Multiple Locations
18. Skewers at Bengal Barbecue
17. Corn Dog at Little Red Wagon
16. Fried Chicken Dinner at Plaza Inn
15. The Rainbow Unicorn Memory Refresher at Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff

Calamansi Juice from the Philipines

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To be honest, I didn't even know that calamansi was a fruit. Or that it existed. Or that people made juice out of it and sold it in cans. So yeah, new experience for my daughter and I. Apparently it is from the Philippines. Could any of my Filipino friends tell me if this is a popular drink? Do you like it? You will have to watch the video to see if we like it or not.

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How's It Taste? Grass Jelly Drink

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How's It Taste? Is my new youtube channel, where my kids and I taste test foods from around the world. We try and make it funny and interesting, and worth your while. So do us a favor and check out our videos, and make sure to subscribe and comment! It would mean a lot.

This particular taste test is for a grass jelly drink. Here is a hint, it is worse than it sounds, and it holds a nasty surprise. Check it out:

How Big Was The Titanic?

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So just how big was the Titanic?

It was 46,328 tons,  882 ft 9 in long, 175 ft tall (keel to top of funnels), and had 9 decks. Compare that to the smallest and largest ship Carnival Cruise Lines has.

The Carnival Fantasy is 70,367 tons, 855 ft long, and has 10 decks. I couldn't find the height. But it is about the same length, but double the bulk.

The Carnival Horizon is 133,596 tons, 1,055 ft long, and has 15 decks. That means it is about 3 times as heavy, 300 feet longer, and almost twice as tall.

Here are some photos, to put it in perspective.

Image result for titanic vs

Image result for titanic vs

Size Comparison: Titanic Vs. Modern Cruise Ship

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My Son and I Try Taiwanese Candies - Red Bean Milk, Smoked Plum & Black Sesame Milk Candy

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My Son and I Try Taiwanese Candies - Red Bean Milk, Smoked Plum & Black Sesame Milk Candy. They were certainly an..... experience. Check out the video of us taste testing these Taiwanese candies to see what we thought of them.

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