42 Nifty Pictures

I wish I had the source for these, but I received them by email. If wishes were fishes, or whatever. Here are 42 nifty pictures:

Is this considered camping?

This dog loves flowers. Obviously.

Women love manatees?

If the date doesn't go well, you can push her into the lake, or make a break for the shore and leave her with the check. Options.



Yeah, real pretty unless you have allergies. Then, this is hell.


Sweet treehouse.

Mother earth.

There is nothing nifty about poor craftmanship. It's called a level.

Someone has a lot of time on their hands.

Hershey Kiss chairs

Why don't I live here?

I've always wanted one of these tear drop trailers.


Again, too much time on their hands.



Lizards and butterflies are enemies. Everyone knows that.



I don't think he really grew the moon...



It looks like she is a miniature woman on a purple rug.

Was this how Ebola started?


Why don't I live here?

Does it have brakes?


Stairway to heaven.

If a giant stick man pooped.


Just a frog, contemplating existence.


Everyone knows that hummingbirds are not real. Nice try, Internets.



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