27 Unique Wedding Dresses

Ah wedding dresses. Women love them! My wife could watch "Say Yes to the Dress" all day long. I think she is still a little sad that she had to wear a white terry cloth bath robe as her wedding dress. Hey, it saved us enough money to get the wedding catered by White Castle. Worth it. Anywho, women love wedding dresses. Here are 27 ugly stupid unique wedding dresses;
Made of balloons
Hey those clothes fit them really well. Oh wait, they are just naked.
Made of condoms.
If you've always wanted to look like a deranged poodle on your wedding day.

Made of grocery bags.
Made of rubber gloves.
I'm not sure what is going on here. Are those wings?
She's on fire! Oh wait. Nope. It's just an ugly dress.
Silly lady, male peacocks have those feathers, not the ladies. You look like a dude!
I have no idea.
Mmm, creampuffs. She's the bride, and the refreshments.
Well that just seems silly.
Made of flowers. Real pretty until you are attacked to death by bees.
Well hello, kitty!
Plastic bottles.
Another balloon dress.
You'd have to REALLY love wiffle ball.
Flower dress thing.
Some girls like 'em puffy.
For the weirdos.
Lights up. Classy.
God bless America.
Octomom's dress?
You can go hunting after the wedding without even changing!
Really? The Sixers?
No, no, you look stupid.
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  1. male peacocks feathers wedding dress? wtf!! your fashion is peacocks dead, leave the animals alone please, it s not their fault humanity s madness!!

  2. wow so sad to see so much creativity collected in one place and commented on by such a horribly mean person, sincerely i hope you don't find it worthy of your time to continue posting collections of other peoples willingness to be highly creative. WHAT HAVE YOU EVER ACTUALLY DONE ASIDE FROM COMPLAIN AND INSULT OTHERS?

  3. also much like holding distain for antler chandeliers, you don't know of the animal products are being collected unless you know the exact source. I have seen hateful commentary related to both and many people care, they just care differently than you are told to think, people do not change by being hated for who they are, they change by being accepted and taught better more respectful methods.

    deer shed their antlers every year and they are often a secondary source of income for farmers, which is a very ecologically friendly manner to related with our world.

  4. These dresses are bad. Get over it. I admit they are creative but creative can still be ugly. Instead of whining and insulting someone for insulting someone {which I might add is incredibly hypocritical}, move on with your life and accept not everything is just perfect. I mean seriously who want to get married in a condom dress??

  5. The winged dress is actually Yuna's wedding dress from Final Fantasy X. You showed a cosplayer that is cosplaying from a futuristic japanese video game, and they did a great job.

  6. ok the 7th one down is a cosplay from final fantasy 10. its Yuna's wedding dress.