$50 Gift Certificate Giveaway to Uncommon Goods, and Product Review!

UncommonGoods.com was kind enough to send me this wicked awesome Pirate Umbrella, and this scary yet undeniably seductive robot clock, Kim the Talking Clock!

The Pirate Umbrella is nice and long, and feels really sturdy and durable. The handle is plastic, but seems solid. That's a plus to me, because it means it's lighter weight. When you aren't using it, it comes with a strapped carrying bag. But who cares about that? It has a pirates sword handle! On that same note, I can no longer get within a hundred yards of my mailman, just because I hit him a few times with my umbrella. Uh, hello? I was playing pirates, and you got in my way. Whatever. So if someone in your life loves pirates, hates the rain, or is enthralled with all things potentially violent, get them this Pirate Umbrella.
Uncommongoods.com says this about the Pirate Umbrella:

You've soaked your peg-leg and lost an eye-patch--you're one wet bandana away from helpless wench territory. But you're swashbuckling on! Why? You've remembered to sling a Pirate Umbrella under your knickers and you're ready for hell and high water.

The modern adventurer's weapon of choice, this rain-deflecting saber is sure to intimidate treasure-raiding rogues and impress seafaring mistresses in one fell swoop. Plus, its weather-busting shield is ideal for keeping stolen jewelry shiny and dread-locked hair in place.

34" L x 6.7" W x 3" H

Kim the Talking Clock is made of shiny nickel plated aluminum, and has a good sturdy weight to it. I couldn't tell if it wall mounts, but it has four little feet for setting on your desk, nightstand, or servants head. When you push her nose, Kim tells you the time in a spooky/seductive female robot voice. There are also options to set an hourly chime, and an alarm that rings either as her voice or as a rooster. I don't know how to tell time, so the clock doesn't do me much good, but, it is super fun to hide in the ceiling tiles with the hourly chime set. I think I convinced a few people that the office is haunted by a time conscious robot. So if someone you know loves robots, clocks, or robot clocks, get them Kim the Talking Clock.
Uncommongoods.com says this about the Kim the Talking Clock:

Inspired by mid-20th century science fiction, Kim is the wall alarm clock that literally "tells" time. Simply press on her button nose, and Kim's eyes light up red as she states the exact time in a quintessential robot voice. With her gold metallic curls, green speaker mouth and her dedication to announcing the precise time whenever prompted, Kim the Talking Clock is sure to be a favorite with humans everywhere. Added bonus: set the alarm and wake up to a recording of a rooster crowing. Designed by David Dear.

Materials: aluminum, nickel plated
2.75" D x 9" dia.
Takes 3 AA batteries. Not included

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Disclosure: I received a sample for the purpose of review. My opinions are my own.

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