3 Necklace and Earring Sets Giveaway!

Shy of Perfect was nice enough to offer Now That's Nifty readers a chance to win one of three necklace and earing sets of your choice. And for all those who aren't lucky enough to win, don't cry, promo code NOWTHATSNIFTY will give you 30% off your purchase from Shy of Perfect!
About Shy of Perfect:

Modern designs that are meant to be affordable, fun, and easy to wear.

If you wonder why I keep my prices so low, it's simply because this is a very fun and therapuetic hobby for me and it does me no good to have all of these pieces sitting around my house. Someone should be able to enjoy it. I love jewelry and love to change it often and hope to give you the chance to do so as well. I get to be creative and you get to reap the benefits. I simply hope to cover my costs and maybe make enough to keep my hobby going.
Click on the "read more" link below, to enter the giveaway!

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