The Most Incredible Sword Fights in History

Sword fights are awesome. Two men (or women I suppose) with large pieces of sharp metal trying to hack each other apart is my idea of a good time, and I'm sure you agree. Inigo Montoya vs. the Dread Pirate Roberts anyone? Yes please. has gone to great effort to detail the most incredible sword fights in history; including historically significant fights, fights between martial arts masters, duels, battles and ancient fights.

Few sword enthusiasts today know swordplay from firsthand experience, and we can trust that movie directors exaggerate what we see on the big screen, for the sake of art and ticket sales.

But at OnlyKnives, we know the truth. We pored over old fables and legends, historical documents and newspaper accounts to find some of the best stories of real sword battles.

Finally, we put it all together into this — the most realistic version of what really happens when enemies meet with raised blades.

Thanks Ken!

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