Bacon Alarm Clock

If you are like me then you are sick and tired of not being able to eat bacon the instant you wake up in the morning. Sure, it's nice to keep a little bacon in your night stand for those early morning cravings, but it's not fresh. But worry no more friends, there is a solution. Wake n’ Bacon not only gets you up but also cooks you breakfast in bed.
The clock turns on 10 minutes before you are due to wake up and slowly sizzles frozen rashers beneath two halogen light bulbs. Its built-in fan then wafts the smell of sizzling bacon around your room to wake you up.

The invention belongs to designer Matty Sallin from New York. "It creates a mouthwatering smell just stong enough to gently wake you up," he said.

Source Thanks Amanda!


  1. Quite a lovely idea!

  2. how about waking up in morning for more @ lifegag