Casa Batllo in Barcelona

Casa Batllo is a building in Barcelona, Spain, that the famous architect Antonio Gaudi was commissioned to refurbish by the owner, Josep Batllo.
It seems that the goal of Ballto was to avoid straight lines completely. It is also said that the home is meant to represent Saint George battling a dragon.  
Much of the façade is decorated with a mosaic made of broken ceramic tiles (trencadís) that starts in shades of golden orange moving into greenish blues, which looks just like the scales of a dragon. Balconies at the lower floors have bone-like pillars, those on the upper floors look like pieces of skulls. These features lead to the local name for the building, Casa dels ossos (House of Bones).
 The roof is arched and is likened to the back of a dragon.The colorful scaled roof recalls a reptile skin. The small turret with a cross symbolizes the sword of St. George stuck into the dragon. The bones and skulls on the facade represent all the dragon's victims.
The inside of the building is just as strange and unique, with custom wooden doors, stained glass windows, colorful tiles and carved out fireplace.
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