10 Worst iPhone Apps

Love Calculator Pro (99¢) - Detects the capatability between two people based on first names. How scientific.

iFireplace (99¢) - Snuggle up in front of a video of a fireplace, on your iphone. A steal at only a dollar.

Funny 500: Pickup Lines Lite (Free) - The name says it all. Your Dad must be a theif, because he stole the stars and put them in your eyes.

iTan (Free) - Provides a quick dose of iPhone-based ultraviolet rays, for all the tanning addicts.

Spin the Bottle (99¢) - Everything goes digital eventually.

The Amazing Birthplace Guesser (Discontinued) - An essential tool for anyone that doesn't know where they were born.

Shout It ($3.99) - The app simply displays your typed-in question or comments in a large font loop across your screen. But for only $4, who cares what it does, it's a bargin.

Hold On! (99¢) - It's a game. How do you play? You hold down a button for as long as you can.

Cat Compatibility Test (Discontinued) - Like the first app, but differs by testing the compatability of cats to be friends.

Fall Foliage (Free) - Love the outdoors, but hate being outdoors? Me neither. But if that does describe you, then you can enjoy fall foliage from your phone.

See photos and get more info on these apps at Woman's Day.

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