Fancy Desktop Fans - 20 Tantalizing Temperature Trimmers

Desk fans, another one of those boring old devices we take for granted. But they aren't all boring, oh no sir, some are quite nifty. Below are 20 tantalizing temperature trimmers:

An airplane shaped fan, runs on AA batteries. It can't actually fly.

Another airplane shaped fan.

I think this is from the Hello Kitty line. In case you can't tell, it's a flower pot shaped fan.

A Hello Kitty desert island shaped fan.

These ones are kinda neat, they look like sea shells.

This one is a phallic shaped mushroom, riding in a plane, because that makes perfect sense.

An Inspector Gadget fan. Awesome.

A fancy cherry, sparkly fan.

Let Hello Kitty blow hot, stinky, kitty breath in your face, all day long.

A sculpted metal owl fan. He looks sort of menacing.

A sculpted metal snail fan. I really like this one.

A sculpted metal dog fan.

The fancy FanSee. Displays the temperature, as well as keeps you cool.

A baseball fan. Get it? Baseball fan?

Please apply the same joke as above, but replace "baseball" with "soccer," or "football" if you don't live in the good ol' USA.

This one is my favorite, cause it's weird. Looks like a big sponge or something.

This is a cool art deco fan. Oh wait, I made a pun, "cool."

A tacky Tweety Bird fan, perfect for your trailer.

An old Braun fan from the 70's. It looks like an auto part or something.

Another palm tree fan. This one is from Japan, and plugs into your usb port.

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