Rats in Costume - All Dressed Up

Why anyone would want to own a rat is beyond me. Why anyone would dress up a rat, is even more incomprehensible, yet it happens.

A hand knitted get-up. That takes a lot of patience and love for the disease ridden little flea bag.

A wizard's hat?

Dressed up as Santa.

Apparently the rat thinks the cape make it invincible.

Nothing says Christmas like the vermin responsible for the bubonic plague.


A musketeer.

Cowboy rat.

Either an angel or a big moth. Probably an angel.


  1. You're an idiot!! First of all Rats were not responsible for the bubonic plague! Fleas were! Rats were victims just like people! The rats in these pictures are adorable and if you weren't so ignorant and closed minded you would actually get to know a pet rat or domestic fancy rat before you so stupidly wrote such degrading words about them. Unfortunately the bubonic plaque didn't kill off your ancestors!

  2. These rats have more personality and are 100 times better looking than you are!

  3. First, rats carried the fleas, that's how they were spread among the population.

    Second, my captions were written in jest, if you take offense at them, it's your prerogative.

    And finally, to the both of you, please consider therapy.

  4. nifty nick, you are my hero!

  5. I just want to add that it was the black rat (rattus rattus) that carried the fleas that carried the plague. The rats you show are brown rats (rattus norvegicus). They can carry another disease, Weill's, if they are wild rats. But pet/fancy rats are bred in captivity and cannot live 'in the wild' anymore.
    People adopt rats because they are clever, affectionate, funny. Also they are very clean, spending a lot of time grooming themselves and one another. Rats make very good pets, and, as your pics show, they are always in for a game.

  6. Most people I know were terrified of rats before meeting mine. My mother actually screamed the house down the first time she clapped eyes on them. Within minutes of meeting them she was cuddling them and now buys them presents every time she visits. Even I, as a big animal lover, was shocked at how cute, friendly and intelligent they really are. I bet if you met mine your mind would be swiftly changed!

  7. rats are very gentle and nice pets how dare you sy that

  8. I have had many pet rats before and I have 3 now . They don't bite and have great personalities and love to cuddle . They are the best pets and very clean, no one likes them at first untill they are held and then people fall in love and don't ever want to let go of them . They are truely great pets

  9. Hi, you're an asshole.

    "All the most interesting, nifty, funny and amazing things from across the internet." Well, you're little quote here makes you sound a lot more positive than you really are. Why be such an obviously narrow minded, self righteous slimy turd?

    As you say, you know no reason why anyone would have a rat as a pet, so in your ignorance you slam and insult the idea of it. Doesn't make you seem real smart.

    Ewww, what's that nasty crotch dropping that slumped out of your mother? Oh, it's you.