34 Cool and Unique Fences

Say you hate your neighbor, and you want to block them from your sight, or you have wild, rabid children, and you don't want them to escape the backyard? Well then, you need a fence. Yes, fences are everywhere, and they serve all sorts of purposes, but they can be boring. Aren't you sick of chainlink, vinyl and wooden fences, just sitting there, looking plain and boring? Listen fence, I'm not paying you to be an eyesore! Slap on a little makeup, come your hair, and get to looking nice!

Tear down your old fence and build something like one of these 34 cool and unique fences: Oh and while you are at it, you will probably enjoy looking at these unique park bences and these cool drinking fountains too!

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  1. Wow! Do you know of anyone who has or would make a cool and unique metal fence in Calgary that look similar to the ones above? I'd consider that cactus fence instead, but cactus don't grow in my area. Thanks for sharing the amazing photos!

  2. I like your fence collection - I made a crazy one this winter and have it on my Pintrest page....


    Lancaster PA

  3. Great Posting Simon Martin
    Just a suggestion - put a carriage return character before each numeral, so they each list on a new line. And please spell paedophile correctly - the 'ae' is a digraph from the original Greek. fencing adelaide.
    Could you please give sources for your material? More and more people are aware of media lies, so giving the evidence highlights the way *they* *never* give evidence.

  4. Very cool fences. I don't love all of them, and I certainly wouldn't do some of them for my own place. Fun ideas, though, and maybe I can integrate some of the ideas into my own fencing in Waterloo.

  5. Amazing! This collection of fencing is really very good and has inspired me a lot. I am planning to fence my backyard in coming days and I hope I will use any of the idea above.

  6. Man I'd love to have any of this fencing in Calgary. Anything to give my house a bit more flair to it.

  7. I really like the look of the bottle one. I drink enough soda I could have that built in a couple months. The only problem I have with it is that I live in a high wind area, and if any of those bottles got loose, that would be bad.