Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles Turned Into Tanks

What was the role of the guy in the middle? Cannon fodder?

Typical setup in some poorer countries. A truck mounted with a machine gun.

Two unarmored trucks, with heavily armored turrets.

This is probably from a movie.

Turret obviously doesn't work, but it will probably still clear traffic.

Suburban with a turret poking out of the sunroof.

Long old gun. Anti aircraft?

Is that a gun mounted on the back?

This one is cute. Ahhh.

I heard this is a black special ops vehicle.

The main battle tank of the North Korean army.

Could reach blistering speeds of 2 miles an hour.

Photo shopped? Who cares, it's awesome.

Top looks photo shopped, but the bottom doesn't really.

You could bust down some doors with this one.

A well armored van.

Built for driving in the snow I assume. Though the treads might be able to handle the sand, I dunno.

No one will ever see them coming.

I think this one is my favorite.

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  1. Crazy idea.Many interesting invention are looking........