FAIL Pictures

Well it's a funny looking window then... FAIL

Oh great, I'm locked out of the locker room. FAIL

Wow, talk about poor product name selection. "My butter has little hairs in it..," FAIL

It's hard to successfully spell success. FAIL

Your best friend is a dick. FAIL

I stood there for hours pushing and pulling at the same time. I finally just broke the window. FAIL

The best part is, he is just standing there talking. FAIL

This 2-D, 3-D movies is a little bit of a let down... FAIL

Ahhh, poor puppy. FAIL

Catch this. FAIL

Poor microphone placement/camera angle FAIL.

Grandma never could hold her liquor. FAIL

What a waste of spray paint. FAIL

A thumbs up for creativity. FAIL

This should foil any theft attempt. FAIL

I think the sign is broken.

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