Animal Poop

Whether you call it dung, feces, excrement, poo, crap, poop, shi-, stool, or butt chunks, it's all gross. It doesn't matter if it comes from a dog, a lion, or a chicken, it all stinks. I'm not sure why I put this collection together, or why you are looking at it (sicko), but enjoy.

Zebra. I'm not sure why it is in a heart shaped box.

Whale. Wow, gross.

Turtle. For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was about 10 times that size.

Sheep. I've stepped in a lot of this stuff. Looks leek a pile of grapes.

Sea Lion.



Black Bear.

Pigeon. This isn't easy to scrape off of windshields.

Panda. Mmm, looks like sausage links.

Mountain Lion. Their pooh isn't so fierce.

Moose. Looks like someone has the runs. Is it you Mr. Moose?

Kangaroo. Some dung down under.

Hyena (old and dry)

Horse. They will drop one of these fresh pies wherever they happen to be walking.


Feral Pig. If it stinks as bad as the domesticated pig's poop, I would burn that pencil.

Elephant. I once saw Bear from that survival TV show, drink the juice from elephant poo.

Feral Donkey.

Dog. The neighbors dog loves to deliver fresh ones daily on my lawn.

Deer. Aww, cute little poops.

Cow. Pioneers would burn dried cow and buffalo poo in their fires, when wood was scarce.

Chimpanzee. Someone has been eating his beans.

Capybara. Mmmm, more sausage links.


  1. That's not whale poop, it's ambergris. It's this stuff that collects in their intestines and can come out the same route as poop, but it can also come out of the whale's mouths as well. True whale poop is mostly water.

  2. Learning about poop is hot.

  3. Ambergris is assload....


  5. Oh yeah? Well I just sharted.

  6. murntok, dont try and one up ryan. he made a funny statement that made me laugh and you ruined it.

  7. i bent my wookie

  8. Not moose poop.
    Moose poop looks like BIG deer poop.
    I don't know what youv'e got there.

  9. Ambergris is used in expensive perfumes and colognes. Hope you're happy if you paid 100+ bucks to smell like whale droppings.

  10. The little moose with the loose poops.

  11. love this place so many different types of poo

  12. That is totally, like, discusting! lol :D

  13. wheres the human poop? i wanna see what that looks like

  14. I love poop!!! This is one of my fav site now!! Lots of poop!!!