How Big Was The Titanic?

So just how big was the Titanic?

It was 46,328 tons,  882 ft 9 in long, 175 ft tall (keel to top of funnels), and had 9 decks. Compare that to the smallest and largest ship Carnival Cruise Lines has.

The Carnival Fantasy is 70,367 tons, 855 ft long, and has 10 decks. I couldn't find the height. But it is about the same length, but double the bulk.

The Carnival Horizon is 133,596 tons, 1,055 ft long, and has 15 decks. That means it is about 3 times as heavy, 300 feet longer, and almost twice as tall.

Here are some photos, to put it in perspective.

Image result for titanic vs

Image result for titanic vs

Size Comparison: Titanic Vs. Modern Cruise Ship

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