28 Strange Wedding Cake Toppers

My wife and I didn't have a wedding cake topper, because we didn't see anything that could possibly improve on a pile of Twinkies. Still, some people use them, and they can get pretty creative. Here are 28 strange, unique and funny wedding cake toppers:

I own this now
No, I'm not busy, what's up?
How do they still have tongues?
Dinosaur bones
It was an accident

No baby, you're not fat...

Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Lil' Halo guys
Another Halo topper
Han Solo and Princess Leia
King of the cake
Luigi and Princess Daisy. Not as hot as Princess Peach, but still royalty
Ooh, baby
Mario and Princess Peach
Mouse Mermaids, because...
World of Warcraft?
If people were more like praying mantises
Robot couple
Star Trek
Skeletal love
Because unicorns and giraffes can fall in love too
X and Y chromosomes
Link and Princess Zelda
Zombie bride
Another zombie bride. Just because they want your brains, doesn't mean they don't want commitment too
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1 comment:

  1. Wedding toppers are strange indeed. I will also comment that for the traditional wedding cake, there is a dearth of red-headed cake toppers available. I learned this while shopping for a female friend marrying a male with red hair. Which hair color to pick instead: blonde or brown?! Ugh, why can't people personalize their cake topper's hair and eyes like an American Girl doll?! Wait, did I just think of that?! Dialing the patent office... Just kidding!