16 Thin Buildings

Want to construct a building, but don't have much room? No problem. Like tight, confined, air crushing places? Perfect. Tired of having too much personal space? Fantastic. Wish your home would blow over in a 10 mile an hour wind? Who doesn't? Here are 16 very thin buildings.

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  1. some of the house were in Japan, if i'm not missed, so, it's kind of rational to have such a thin house where property prices are rocketing.
    The explanation about the interior in pic #13 is really helpfull, i can't imagine of having personal spaces all in just round 2m wide. But at pic #10, i'm curious of why should they spent spaces for balconies, while the room inside is just too thin. I wish there's more picture of its interior.

  2. It looks like the balconies in photo #10 overhang the footpath, so they wouldn't take away from the internal space in the building.
    Quite a few old buildings have similar balconies, very often in shopping areas where it forms an awning for the footpath below.