11 of the Coolest Couches Ever

I love couches, they are so comfortable. If I had my way, I wouldn't leave my couch. Call me lazy, I don't care, I don't like you anyway. Here are 11 examples of really cool couches:

A stuffed animal couch. Creepy? Perhaps, but you know it is comfortable.

This is called the "slouch couch."

A mountain couch. This way you can feel like you are outdoors and being active, while you are actually not burning any calories at all.

A couch made from old Mac computers. Probably not very comfortable.

A couch made of grass.

This couch is pretty sweet, it converts into a bed.

A coffin couch, perfect for your emo child.

A car couch.

This looks super uncomfortable, but still cool.

A Cadillac couch.

A cactus couch.

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  1. Orange bunk bed couch = Epitome of awesomeness. :)

  2. How nice? i am very Appreciate to see your design. I like car couch best. thanks

  3. Wow, that looks great...Unique design. I think I'll made something similar. Also I love your a cactus couch. :)