Canned Meat, Fish & Bugs From Around the World

Please note that I am not making fun of canned meat, or any culture. All cultures eat canned meat because it is an easy, safe way to preserve it. In fact, I happen to love spam, Vienna sausages and deviled ham.


Chicken, finely ground.

Turkey chunks.

A whole chicken. That jelly is pretty off putting.


Chopped chicken livers.

I'm not sure, but it looks like he is holding a drumstick.

Fish (and water creatures):

Mackerel in Miso sauce.

Whale in curry sauce.

Frog legs in a spicy curry sauce.

Crocodile in curry sauce.

Same as above, but in a much less attractive can.

Some Scandinavian jellied fish.

Jellied eels.

Squid in brine.

Baby Conch.

I don't know what fish balls are, but I hope they aren't as advertised.

Mei Fish.

Roasted Eel.

Cajun Style Alligator.


Beef tripe with milk.



Processed beef.

Beef, looks like that might be Russian.

Finely ground beef.

Beef dish, I have no idea what is in it.

Chucked beef.

I'm guessing it's beef, because there is a cow on the front.

Beefsteak and kidney pie in a can.


I'm assuming these are pork hot dogs. They could be beef or chicken, or a mixture. Either way they come in brine.

Baked ham.

Pork brains. Check out the cholesterol. Good grief.

Ground pork. Didn't waste time or money on the packaging.

Pork. Looks like it might be Russian.

Canned ham.

Stewed pork.

I have no idea, but it looks like pork.

Canned bacon. I think they have ruined my favorite treat.

Finely ground pork.

Wild boar pate.

One of my favorites, Deviled Ham.

Pork pudding? Pass.

Sliced bacon. Who better to can bacon than Hungary.

Magnificent pork meatballs in gravy.

America's favorite, Spam.


Silk worm pupae.

Weaver ant eggs. Yes, they aren't really canned, that's a jar.

Roasted crickets with eggs.

BBQ flavored bamboo worms.

Brown curry mole crickets.

Preserved giant waterbugs. Yes, they are in a jar, not a can.

Preserved black scorpians, in a jar.

Smokey BBQ roasted scorpians. Is that Thai writing? I can't tell.

Beaver or snail? Snail.


Lamb tongues.

Haggis. I'm not entirely sure

Misc. Meat:

Reindeer Pate.

Quail eggs. Not really a meat, but close enough.

What is in meat pudding? Is it really goblin meat? (Sarcasm)

I don't know what these sausages are made of.

Damn straigh no frills.

Smoked rattlesnake.

They look like hotdogs, but there is a picture of a fish. Thus, they are in the misc. meat category.

Another of my favorites, Vienna Sausage.


I have no idea what is in this, let alone what kinds of meat.

Ditto, I have no idea what is in it. Would I eat it? Sure.



Roadrunner meat. I guess you could label this as poultry.

Not sure what is in these, but they look tasty. They look like cocktail weiners in BBQ sauce, a favorite of mine.



  1. You said you weren't sure what fish balls are...they're a common dish over in the orient, especially southern china. it's basically just ground fish meat squished into balls. they're quite yummy

  2. Fish balls aren't actually all that bad, and this is coming from someone who absolutely hates seafood. They're great in giant bowls of soup, such as Vietnamese pho.

  3. Fish Balls are soooo horrible. It seems the more rubbery they are the more desirable they become.

    Haggis is minced (ground) bits other than meat of a sheep. That one seems to be picked in Alcohol. Exually as horrible as fish balls.

    Are those ral ant eggs or just cashew nuts?

  4. Love the "Pure Texas Armadillo, sun-dried and (ahem) road tenderized". Hey, I'd try it. And just think, if the apocalypse happens, all this is golden! Wonderful list. Thanks.

  5. jars are referred to as cans. As in home canning.

  6. The can with picture of hotdogs and a fish, in Arabic is written "Tuna Hotdogs"

  7. i ate those korean silk-worms - quite good. you can get the same can with silkworms, saying its high protein fish-food. :)
    and surstromming ... guess why the opened can sits on a stone outside? it stinks. you would never even think something that stiks that way could still be eaten.

  8. The writing on the tin of smokey bbq roasted scorpions is Thai.

  9. The Full Monty and All Day Breakfast are British. The full monty has beans, sausages, mini burgers, salami, potato and mushrooms. The All Day Breakfast is beans, sausages, bacon, mini scotch eggs and mushrooms.

    They're basically microwave meals in tins.

    Shame there's no black pudding in tins.

  10. This is the most incredible blog post in history. I am not kidding!

  11. I'm pretty sure that these meats and i use the term losely make me want to go vegan..


  12. When my grandmother used to go to conventions, she would occasionally bring back tins labeled as an odd meat such as armadillo or buffalo. They were stuffed animals in a can. I can't help but wonder if one or two of these cans are like that.

  13. I agree with the above poster. A lot of the times, crap like "Armadillo Meat" will be canned fruit. Very good collection of cans though, I enjoyed it!

  14. "I'm guessing it's beef, because there is a cow on the front."

    It is "Nozaki's corned beef" in Japanese.

  15. Haggis is good stuff. Stahley's is pretty good for tinned. I haven't tried the Drambuie flavored, though. The best of all possible worlds. I saw tinned hamburgers in Scotland. Good post.

  16. Haggis is awesome! It's minced organs with oatmeal. Tastes of liver a bit. I really like it, but can't find it in the US much. Canned may be the way to go.

  17. The 2 korean cans are actually "beef rib soup." Dunno if that counts as meat.

  18. The Swedish "Surströmming" is actually a kind of fermented herring (not jellied). The smell is vicious, pretty much like shit, and although I´m from Sweden I have never tasted the stuff. Gross.

  19. "Surströmming"Is Fermented Herring.
    Aged to perfection...And it smells or should i say It punch you in the face.
    In the North of Sweden they have a festival every year The "Surströmmingsfestival" Where they eat the fish together with Onions and potatoes and lots and lots of Vodka "Snaps"

  20. The writing on the "Smokey BBQ roasted scorpians" can is Thai. There's a lot of Thai stuff in this post, actually.

  21. For the Saucisses Party, these are actually in brine ("saumure" in French).
    So bring your own BBQ sauce !

    As for the "Rendang daging sapi" beef dish, it's a traditionnal Indonesian/Malaysian dish (I only tried it in Indonesia though).
    "daging sapi" means it's beef.

    The rendang is actually one of my favourite asian food. You can find a lot of different ways to cook it, but it's gonna take a looong time before it's cooked to perfection.

    When done properly, it's spicy and really delicious!
    Not sure about the canned version though...
    Anyways, try it ;)
    Oh, and because of the many spices, be sure to prepare some rice on the side. Not only is it a good side dish, but it might save you and your mouth a handful of times !

  22. This is stupid when you dont show whats inside!

  23. what's with the haggis soaked in drambuie?

  24. I've had those silk worm pupae many times. Although not out of a can, but fresh. They are a relatively common street food in Korean. They are delicious, I think - but I haven't found anyone else whoa agrees with me!

  25. Tim the EnchanterJune 3, 2009 at 5:53 PM

    Denny Beefsteak & Kidney pies are delicious!
    And this one:
    I have no idea, but it looks like pork.
    Is actually corned beef according to my wife (she's Chinese)

  26. This is the best FORN post ever :)

  27. I remember in a deli in Philadelphia, reading the ingredients on "potted meat food product." My favourite ingredient was "partially de-fatted cooked pork fatty tissue." Delish.

    Here in New Zealand we see a variety of lamb's tongues in tins on our shelves, my favourite being "whole peeled lamb's tongues," as if they were bananas...

  28. The 'Goblin Meat Pudding' is simply a steak and gravy pie made with suet flour and steamed rather than baked. You can buy steak puddings in most fish and chip shops in the UK.

  29. Haggis is a scottish invention for a poor man's sausage which contains all of the innards of sheep not useful for any other purpose except grinding up and mixing with oatmeal. Then the whole mess is stuffed into sheep's stomach lining and voila - haggis. If one is fortunate enough to have a french chef prepare this then it tastes like a great pate, otherwise it's a poor man's hearty meal (now you know why they invented scotch)

  30. you really did your homework. lol.

  31. The Yoders Turkey Chunks (and other varieties) are very popular among the survivalist crowd. I understand the canned bacon is particularly well liked, being fully cooked and rolled in wax paper.

    Which is not to say I have a case of the stuff in my basement. Okay, I do, but that's beside the point...

  32. Baldinger's Traditional Chopped Chicken Livers is great stuff; I've eaten lots of it over the years. I had no idea how cholesterol laden pork brains are. Maybe I should convert to Judaism.

  33. Krakus - Polish Ham together with all this junk's

    I called 911 it is a crime.

  34. I'd eat it all!!!
    Give me give me!!!

    Swedish hotdogs in Beer..They taste great!

  36. [img][/img]

  37. Love: (a) Scandinavian jellied fish open outdoors on a rock. Hilarious! (b) the weaver ant eggs actually say "bizarre food" right on the jar. Truth in advertising. (c) Reindeer pate says "farm raised relative of Rudolph!" -- "C'mere Timmy, we're going to discuss why Santa's not bringing you a new bike this year."

    The Russian stuff is tushenka. It's sort of like spam with gravy.

  38. When I was a kid my father had obtained several cans of the Celebrity Canned Bacon. It's really good. It's very salty, but easily as good as most fresh bacon I've had. It's very handy for camping, and opens with a key, so you don't even need an opener.

  39. The jellied eels are a British speciality, primarily from London/Thames estuary. The chopped up eels are boiled and the bones in the eel help create the jelly they are kept in. The picture shows them in a plastic container, which is the usual supermarket way of buying them. So they need to be kept in a fridge in this state and aren't really preserved like in tins or jars. I love jeelied eels, but you've got to be careful with the sharp bone in the middle.

    As others have said Haggis is a Scottish thing. Ground up offal (liver, heart, lungs, etc) mixed with oatmeal and blood filled inside an ox bung (intestine). Often whisky is added in there, usually at the end of cooking time. Good ones are tasty. It probably cans quite well, so the one in the picture might not be too bad.

    Is that a whole whale in curry sauce? :)

  40. lol @ "The Full Monty"

    Which came first, I wonder...the movie or the product?

  41. Surstromming is a Swedish delicacy! Its actually aged herring. It smells like pure crap but tastes quite good :p

    Fish Balls is also something common in Sweden, its quite good actually, although the smell is worse then the Surstromming.

  42. easily as good as most fresh bacon I've had. It's very handy for camping, and opens with a key, so you don't even need an opener.

    angle fish care

  43. I love this! Have you seen the Joey Canned Meat Treats on Facebook?? You guys should be friends.

  44. EPIC post! [a few months late, but...]
    I thought it was hilarious that some of the cans are labelled "edible"

  45. Yeah, I make it a point not to eat things that need to clarify that they won't kill you if eaten.

  46. Here in New Zealand we see a variety of lamb's tongues in tins on our shelves, my favourite being "whole peeled lamb's tongues," as if they were bananas...

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  47. These can has what we usually want to buy fresh. Actually I prefer to buy fresh not in a can.

  48. Canned stuff ... i prefer fresh..

  49. Love the "Pure Texas Armadillo, sun-dried and (ahem) road tenderized". Hey, I'd try it. And just think, if the apocalypse happens, all this is golden! Wonderful list. Thanks.

  50. The fish balls you have shown are from Scandinavia and are made of ground up dried fish that are then made into balls and typically come in a white sauce in the can.

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