Popular and Unique Soft Drinks from Around the World - Part 3

Pineapple Crush.
This flavor of the Crush brand is particularly popular in Newfoundland and Labrador, and in Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Bundaberg Ginger Beer.
Popular in Australia. "It's always cloudy in a bottle of good, old fashioned ginger beer. Hold this bottle to the light and you'll see it's full of real ginger pieces, traditionally brewed to a genuine old recipe to release the natural flavours of ginger."

Bendaberg Lemon-Lime Bitters.
Also popular in Australia. "Bundaberg Lemon Lime and Bitters is crafted from real lemons and limes. As for the authentic taste of bitters, well we insist on naturally brewing our own from angostura real bark and tropical spices, the result a sophisticated, full bodied flavour of Lemon Lime and Bitters."

Bendaberg Horehound Beer.
Again, popular in Australia. Horehound beer is a soft drink (alcohol-free) carbonated beverage, flavored primarily with herbs, double hops and cane sugar.

Stoney Ginger Beer.
It's sold in several countries on the African continent. The product, sold in a brown bottle, is made and distributed by The Coca-Cola Company. As is common with ginger beers in comparison to the lighter ginger ales, the ginger flavor present in Stoney is especially intense.

Schweppes Bitter Lemon Soda.
It's a carbonated soft drink flavored with quinine and lemon, the former giving it a bitter taste. The principal difference between tonic water and bitter lemon is the addition of lemon juice and rind. Popular in the UK.

Spring Grove Soda.
Quality soda since 1895. From the small town of Spring Grove, Minnesota comes a soda with big flavor.

Faygo Rock & Rye.
This is a carmel cream soda out of Detroit, Michigan.

Reed's Ginger Beer.
An American soda, based on a Jamaican recipe for homemade ginger ale using 17 grams of fresh ginger root, lemon, lime, honey, fructose, pineapple, herbs and spices.

Bionade. Popular in Germany.
Produced from natural raw materials of organic quality through fermentation in a purely organic way. Delicately tart and fruity,with the special note of a fermented drink.Whether as Elderberry, Lychee, Herbs or Ginger-Orange.

A regional ginger-flavored soft drink, distributed only in Kentucky and portions of neighboring U.S. states Indiana and Ohio. Ale-8 could be described as a ginger ale, but with more caffeine, a fruitier flavor, less carbonation, and about 1/4 fewer calories than conventional soda.

La Casera.
La Casera is a traditional Spanish brand of soda. It is one of the most popular soft drinks in Spain. Nowadays it is part of the Cadbury-Schweppes group, who bought it in 2001.

Thums Up.
Thums Up is a carbonated soft drink popular in India, where its bold, red thumbs up logo is common. It is similar in flavor to other colas but has a unique taste reminiscent of betel nut.

Kickapoo Joy Juice.
Popular in Singapore. It's similar to Mello Yello, or Mountain Dew.

Nesher Malt.
A non-alcoholic beer drink, popular in Israel.

Popular in America, but sold worldwide. It is a highly caffeinated cola, similar to now popular energy drinks.

Cidona is an apple-based soft drink that has been on sale since 1955. It is quite popular in Ireland and has mild sales in the United Kingdom.

Bilz and Pap.
The two most popular and highest selling domestically-produced soft drinks in Chile. Bilz is an artificially flavored red colored soft drink, and Pap is its papaya flavored counterpart.

Future Cola.
Third most popular soda in China. Ingredients: purified carbonated water, melamine, raw cane sugar, szechuan peony root, cassia bark, Malaysian vanilla, oils of lemon, lime and orange, nutmeg, cloves, licorice, cardamom, caramel color, citric and phosphoric acids.

It's a favorite in Estonia. It is a carbonated soft drink from flavored with tarragon or woodruff and traditionally dyed green.

Parsi Cola.
It is a cola-flavored soft drink produced in Iran. It is also popular in parts of the Middle East.

It is a type of carbonated soft drink with an orange flavor, which is sold on the island of Madeira. It may also be purchased on mainland Portugal. Laranjada is 14 years older than Coca-Cola.

Chilsung Cider.
It is a carbonated beverage in South Korea. Chilsung Cider is similar to Seven Up but a little sweeter.

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Part 2:
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Inca Kola
Guarana Antartica
Bahamas Goombay Punch

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  1. Irun Brew ! Takes the rust off you ! Soda from Scotland.

  2. i happen to be drinking bundaberg ginger beer right now. Also, you should add PIMP JUICE, the greatest drink ever.

  3. Great list, but I see Club-Mate is missing.
    It's a caffeinated carbonated Mate-extract beverage, highly popular in Germany. Drinking it right now!

  4. How did you get that Future Cola ? By the way, Spring Grove Soda looks very attractive.

  5. Yoohoo nuf said round 3 and still not in the list

  6. There is a soft drink from Korea that is not in the list. This drink comes with some pieces of grapes. it is very good. it is not bubbly and is is more on the sweety side. It is made by Lotte Chilsung Company.