Stairs that are More Cool than You

Stairs are usually just utilitarian, built to get the job done. But sometimes they are works of art.

I don't know why we have stairs at all, when we could just use slides. Oh, right, we need them to go up.

These stairs are fan-say.

Another view.

Bookshelf stairs.

I would be paranoid every time I used these stairs.

Hollow wooden boxes, those look sturdy.

That couch doesn't look comfortable, at all.

These look like they are broken. I also think I would break something, coming down these stairs in the middle of the night.

Cool glass and metal stairs.

Yep, it's a tree trunk. This is where the Keebler Elves live.

An inside view of the stairs.

These would just confuse me.

You could almost argue this is a ladder, but the angle makes it a set of stairs.

These are pretty cool. It's like a stack of coins.

Nifty multicolored stairs.

How cool are these stairs? Pointless? Yes. But cool, oh yes.

These space saving stairs fold away when not in use.

These ones might be my favorite. Crazy.


  1. i would love to walk on any of those stairs, they are so kooolllllllll but being me i would probably fall and get a concution