McDonalds Food from Around the World

I know McDonalds isn't good for you, but sometimes I just need to eat it. Don't judge me! Anywho, people around the world enjoy McDonalds. In fact many countries have their own unique menu items. Check out these McDonalds foods from around the world:

McDonald's Singapore

Grilled chicken foldover – uses flat bread and an artificial meat patty

Rice cake burger – comes in two varieties. A crispy chicken fillet between two mushroom flavoured rice cakes and minimal mayonnaise. The beef one uses plain white rice cakes, and strips of marinated beef. ‘Rice made fan-tastic’ is the slogan!

McSpicy – a spicy chicken burger with real chicken
Fish McDippers – which are fish nuggets

McWings – deep fried battered chicken wings

Milo – a chocolate drink, was on the menu as a hot or iced drink

The Love Burger – prime cut chicken grilled to tender perfection. Smothered with the tangy taste of honey mustard sauce and topped with a delicious combination of juicy tomatoes and fresh lettuce

Kampung Burger – farm fresh lettuce, cheese, a patty of chicken sausage and a tangy slice of chicken, topped by a slice of pineapple, all packed between two old-fashioned toasted muffins

McPepper Burger – Two beef patties smothered in a thick, spicy black pepper sauce and topped with diced onions
McTowkay Burger – an egg and a beef patty marinated in a special "towkay" sauce, crispy lettuce and mayonnaise, all sandwiched between a sesame bun.

Kiasu Burger – extra large lean chicken patty seasoned with extra spices, marinated with extra sauce, topped with fresh lettuce, all sandwiched on an extra large sesame seed bun.

McDonald's Thailand

Samurai Pork Burger - a burger marinated with teriyaki sauce. They also offer the regular pork burger

Black Pepper Pork Supreme - a burger of pork, topped with onions and special black pepper sauce.

Black Pepper Chicken Supreme - a burger of chicken special black pepper sauce.

Instead of the regular apple pie, they offer taro, sweet corn or pineapple pie

Twister fries – curly cut fries mixed with a specialty of ingredients.

Green tea - sweet and sour and refreshing

McDonald's Japan

Teriyaki McBurger – burger seasoned with the famous teriyaki sauce

French Fries With Seaweed Flavouring (nori), also in curry, Mexican, and barbecue flavors.

Chicken Tatsuta Burger – a grilled breast of chicken with a sort of ginger-soy-mayo sauce.

Green Tea Shake

Rice dishes were once served (though no longer) and a chicken sandwich flavored with soy sauce and ginger is a seasonal product. They have a new seafood burger called EBI O-Fillet, which contains fish and shrimp.

McDonald's Philippines

McSpaghetti - Pasta in a sauce with frankfurter bits. In 1993, a popular combo featured spaghetti with fried chicken wings.

Also unique to the Filipino menu is the Burger McDo, a burger tailored to Filipino tastes, including a popular local condiment: banana ketchup.

McDonald's Hong Kong
Curry Potato Pie

Red Bean Sundae

Shake Shake Fries

Fresh corn cup served with margarine.

Also in Hong Kong – McDonald's sells chicken and pork burgers, fried chicken wings and nuggets.

McDonald's India

Maharaja Mac - "two all lamb patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun." the Maharaja Mac was originally a mutton burger, but is now a chicken burger due to a preference for chicken over mutton.

Chicken Maharaja Mac - A chicken version of the sandwich.

Veggie nuggets – with masala and chili dipping sauces

Many more vegetarian options that meat options, however to align with Indian dietary fat intake most of the burgers are deep fried.

McAloo tikka burger – a spicy potato patty

McCurry Pan – chicken or paneer leavened bread cooked like a pizza

Veggie pizza McPuff – looks like the apple pie, but has a saucy curried filling

Paneer and salad wrap – deep fried unfermented cheese with salad in a flat bread wrap

Mexican chicken wrap – not sure why this was on the menu!?

McDonald's Pakistan

Spicy McChicken burger – served with chutney.

McKofta – a meatball sandwich

Strawberry custard pie

Pineapple flavored sundae, Pineapple pie, and the mango-flavored milkshake are all seasonal menu items.

McDonald's Korea

In Korea, kimchi and bulgogi burgers are offered along with a red bean pie.

McDonald's New Zealand

Kiwiburger - a hamburger with a fried egg and slice of beetroot

McDonald's Australia

McOz burger – similar to a Quarter Pounder but features beetroot, tomato and fried onions, popular additions to hamburgers in Australia.

The Lean Beef Burger – a healthier option to the McDonald's regular menu. The burger was released in Australia in December 2004.

Warm Salads – introduced in November 2005. Two versions are currently on offer, with a variety of different dressings. Low fat options exist, extending the healthier range of food offered.

McDonald's Netherlands
McKroket – 100% beef ragout and potato deep-fried to form a crispy layer around it. It's topped with a fresh mustard/mayonnaise sauce.

McDonald's Austria

Fried Brie cheese

McDonald's Italy

Vegetariana Salad – with lettuce, corn, olives, carrots, cherry tomatoes and more

Marinara Salad – with shrimps and salmon in fresh lettuce

Mediterranea Salad – with cheese and olives

Fiordiriso Salad – with rice, tuna, ham and mushrooms.

Other local varieties include: mozzarella sticks crumbed and fried, cremogelati – a soft serve gelati, caprese salad (lettuce, cherry tomatoes, soft white cheese and carrot), different frappe flavours, beer is also available!

McDonald's France

Brunch – like the big breakfast but has a croissant and a pastry

McDonald's Ireland

Shamrock Shake

McDonald's England

McQuorn burger – this is a vegetarian burger made artificially from a fungus

McDonald's Portugal

Bica – a type of espresso

Pasteis de Nata – Portuguese style cakes

McDonald's Switzerland

Vegi Mac – vegetarian burger

McDonald's Sweden

"The world's first "McSki" opened in Sweden with Ski-Thru service. Skiers can ski up to the counter and order their favorite McDonald's sandwich without missing a beat on the slopes."

On the menu you may find: Fisk, Kyckling och Vegetariskt, Dryck, Dips Esoch Dressing, Plusmeny, Presentcheckar, McFeast & Co, Stora Menyn, McFish & Co, ViktVŠktarmenyn med McChicken, ViktVŠktarmenyn med McGarden, McGarden & Co, McAroni inkl. mellanstor lŠsk.

McDonald's Spain

Chilled gazpacho – served in sealed plastic cups.

McDonald's Israel

McShawarma – which is essentially shawarma served in flat bread

McDonald's Russia

"Country Style Potatoes" – an imitation of "classic" Russian fried/boiled prepared potatoes


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