X-Rays of Stuck and Pierced Objects

That is the fork he pulled out.

6 nails in a man's head, after an industrial accident.

A bullet lodged, right between the eyes.

Swallowed the pair of scissors shown in the bottom of the picture.

Yep, that's a coke bottle up someones backside.

That is a kitchen faucet in a boys eye socket.

This is that boy.

This man in Australia was murdered with a nail gun; 30 nails in all.

Nail through the hand.

A knife right in the head. As far as I know, he survived.

That is a can of hairspray in a Romanian woman's butt. How it got there? Dunno.

This woman was jogging, when she fell on her Eiffel Tower key chain.

This little boy swallowed a soda bottle lid.

Keys in the face.

Not entirely sure what has pierced this skull.

An 18 inch drill bit.


  1. the last one is a fake for sure. i use that type of drill bit daily and the skull size and drill size are off, unless it's an infant and that the infant has teeth

  2. Agreed. That last one has to be fake. As for the rest of them...oh...dear...god...

  3. Hairspray ... really?

  4. The last one is not fake. i am absolutely and 100% certain. This man was in the Guinness Book of world records! It was for something like the largest object to penetrate someones heads and still survive. He was on his ladder when he fell off onto the drill which was on at the time and it went straight through either his left or right eye.

  5. cool, but i have to say the last one is totally fake

  6. 2nd from last fiberglass arrow ?

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