Disgusting Candy

Earwax candy, delicious. Who hasn't cleaned out their ear, and sucked on the q-tip? It's about time they make it a candy.

I am constantly fishing out old diapers from the dumpster. These will save me a lot of hard scavenging work.

You strap this on to your face, and eat the candy as it drips and squirts out. I have seen lots of young kids licking the snot off of their faces, I had no idea that it tasted great.

Lemon flavored pee candy. You can swipe one of these from your doctors office, but I can't guarantee it's lemon flavored.

Gummy earth worms. Those birds in my garden have been onto something this whole time.

A little toilet filled with sour candy. They should make the sucker in the shape of a toilet plunger, or a toilet brush. Then they would have something.

A Harry Potter Cockroach Cluster. Looks pretty realistic, but I bet it tastes better than the real ones in NYC.

From the show Fear Factor, comes a custom line of candy.

Flesh Fries. My shop teacher was missing a finger. I wonder if he ate it?

Blood balls. I dunno, I guess I just don't like the idea of a squished ball squirting blood.

Zit Poppers and a box of boogers. You can squirt out delicious goo from the zit gummies. The boogers are supposed to be tangy, and look real. I guess they look real, if you stick pistachios up your nose.

Sure, polar bear poop, why not.

So, I think I speak for everyone when I say that eating a band aid you find in the trash can is delicious; but do you really think they could replicate the delicious copper/iron taste?


  1. Legen... wait for it... dary!

  2. Wow, really disgusting looks on candies you have. I really love candies with a different looks on it. I makes me remember one of my favorite retro candies before. You have a nice blog about candies.

  3. Haha. really funny. I'm going to show my friends :D

  4. eww gross. where can i get this stuff?!?!?! my best bud and i would love this stuff, and were girls!!!!

  5. Omg! I've eaten the toilet one before! Though I didn't really understand/care what I was eating out of cuz I was really little. I just wanted to get to the candy, The earth worm's not that gross actually, it's basically a huge gummy worm...come to think of it that is kinda gross.