Creative, Strange and Cool Advertisements

A pencil (or perhaps a straw) advertising a yoga class.

Nike advertisement. I don't get what they are trying to advertise. Tennis? Billiards? I don't know, I hate subtlety.

Heinz Ketchup ad. Mmmm, ketchup. In Utah they eat frysauce. It's basically just ketchup and mayo, with some variations like BBQ sauce instead of ketchup.

Advertisement of K-Swiss, for Basketball I believe (that's some sarcasm there). Notice the truck across the street.

Advertisements for white out and highlighters.

Toblerone bike rack, not to be mistaken for the real thing. Dental bills are outrageous these days.


Reason number 789 not to smoke: Giant cigarettes falling out of the sky can kill you.

3M security glass advertisement. I wonder if it is real $$$. If so, I wonder if it stayed there.

Finally putting subway wrist straps to use. Though, I don't know why you would want a disease covered piece of rubber to represent your high end watches.

A Duracell ad. Pretty nifty.

I'd say that this ad is pretty effective. I mean, it scared one mother so much, she made her son wear a life jacket in 6 inches of water.

Fine, but what about the other three people that need the rest of the bench?

The only use half of us will ever get out of a jump rope.

A hand made out of hands. Give them a hand everybody, bravo.

That's stupid. How do you expect a drunk driver to park there, there is a tree in the way. Der.

'Nother cool Duracell ad.

Looks like no one is allowed, or able to leave. Spooky.

Hope you had your tetanus shot.

Pretty nifty, and in some parts of China, a good paying job.

Again, see above.


  1. basketball?

    that's tennis homie

  2. Is the first picture a pencil? I'm pretty certain it's a straw.

  3. Yes, I was being sarchastic. Perhaps I should change that to avoid confusion.

  4. A hand made of hands. Brilliant...

  5. "sarchastic"


  6. 1. That's a straw..
    2. That's a soccer ball..
    3. That's a tennis ball..
    4. It doesn't mean no one is to leave.. It's by the time they leave, they would be able to break the brick wall.. It's a karate/martial arts school or sorts ya..


  7. hehehehe funny !! so relaxing to see that.. :)

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