Unique Television Sets

Shaped like your favorite aquatic sponge, this SpongeBob SquarePants 15 in. diagonal LCD TV easily connects to your computer, DVD players, gaming console or karaoke system. It's HD ready with 1024 x 768 pixel resolution. Built in ATSC digital tuner. 4:3 aspect ratio.

The Darth Vader Radio and CD Player with a 14-inch TV that also comes with an integrated DVD player. Of course, no Star Wars TV is complete without a remote control shaped like the number one Jedi weapon. On one side you will find all the buttons needed to control the TV and the DVD player, and the other side is designed to look like a lightsaber.

The Kitty just keeps on coming after the adorable lappie here is the Apple shaped Hello Kitty LCD TV. For the 40 year old woman living in the past, inside all of us.

From Hanspree, a 42-inch HDTV in a big fire truck. If you watch HDTV on anything that isn't a rescue vehicle, you are lame, with a capital L.

It's a Hanspree TV that looks like a baseball. But surprisingly, it doesn't throw very well.

MicroEmissive Displays is a leader in polymer organic light emitting diode (P-OLED) microdisplay technology. The company’s eyescreen® products combine superb color moving video images with ultra-low power consumption. The innovative design of the eyescreen®, with its integrated driver ICs and its digital interface, offers a fast, robust design-in solution for smaller, lighter-weight, stylish products of the future, all for a size comparable with the pupil of the human eye. Worlds smallest color TV? Probably. But one thing is for sure, they guy holding it needs to cut his nails.

Disney's Cars Television with build-in DVD-player! It is a 15" standard TV. As far as I know, you don't need to be 16 to operate it.

Samsung SGH-P900 flip phone with a rotating TV viewer and includes an electronic program guide and recording features. Comes with 100MB of internal memory and a microSD memory card.

Wilkerson's M21 Flat-Panel TV looks like a two-dimensional version of the huge console TV of yesteryear. This retro-looking flat screen is pretty nifty.

An LCD television with two-tone styling and genuine leather exterior.It's a 9.6-inch screen, and that handle you see on top genuinely can be used to cart it around. There's also a clever cable management system so that those nasty cables don't "distract from the overall designer look of the Milano".

LG Swarovski encrusted LCD TV, for those that feel their TV doesn't have enough bling-bling.

Add a unique television of a different stripe to your child's room with this 10-inch LCD TV enclosed within a soft, plush dog. It offers a standard NTSC television tuner and such features as V-chip parental controls and closed captioning. Wonderfully tactile and safe for younger viewers. It has a thick, stuffed cover that is easily unzipped and removed for cleaning, and over sized control buttons designed for tiny fingers. No sharp edges and non-toxic materials are perfect for young children.

Kowon TV-glasses. They can be connected to your TV and provide a superior quality of viewing broadcasts. The manufacturer claims that the experience is similar to watching a 32" LCD TV at a distance of 2 metres. The image is displayed on a 4.8mm by 4.2mm micro LCD screen.

The HANNSFries TV look like a pack of fries, and the accompanying remote control looks like a ketchup packet. This is a 10-inch LCD TV. You know what they say, it's never to early to get your kids interested in obesity.

Another unique firetruck TV from Hanspree. This one is on Rodeo Drive, probably costs a pretty penny.

The world's biggest TV? The monster Panasonic TV is a whopping 150 inch plasma screen that stands six feet tall. The high-definition screen, which is understood to weigh more than a quarter of a ton (220kg), smashes the previous record size for a TV by 42 inches. Cinemax never looked so good.


  1. A ton is 1000kg. So 220kg is less than a quarter.

  2. A ton is not necessarily 1000 kg. There are still three countries on this planet that do not use the metric system.
    One of them is the US of A where they have a so-called "short ton" which is equivalent to 907 kg.
    220 kg is still less than a quarter ton though...

  3. And how many of those nifty TVs will be obsolete next month?

  4. Jesus, we're at Jeffcon Four? I'm headed down to the fallout shelter now.

  5. here's a tv that somehow missed the list, the 1950's recreation of the Predicta television made in the U.S.


  6. I like the Darth Vader's TV set with remote controller the most.

  7. Why is Hello Kitty TV shaped like apple, and not Hello Kitty head?

  8. here's a tv that somehow missed the list, the 1950's recreation of the Predicta television made in the U.S.

  9. I am a collector, but have yet to collect something on retro TV sets, but I am still in search mode! For now my digital television is fine.

  10. Two words: Tiny Triniscope