Kyle Maynard, Congenital amputee, to Compete in First MMA Fight

Until recently. With another push made mostly on his own behalf, Maynard is scheduled to make his delayed amateur MMA debut on Saturday at Auburn Fight Night at the Auburn Covered Arena in Auburn, Ala. The fight's announcement caused major ripples in the international MMA consciousness and reopened the debate about Maynard's place in MMA.

Maynard has tried to avoid that debate this time, changing his Internet home page away from the number of MMA websites he reads daily and moving his training camp to Auburn instead of Georgia.

Still, he's surprised his fight has caused such uproar, and this time he's not reading about it.

"With the Internet being an open, anonymous forum, people feel like they can say anything, things they probably wouldn't say to my face," Maynard told ( on Tuesday. "That doesn't really surprise me as much.

"It just surprises me how many people fear the sport is so fledgling that if I got hurt, it would end it."

Many in the MMA community have worried this fight is simply a freak show with a money-hungry promoter pulling the strings and talking Maynard into a fight because of a guaranteed big gate.

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