Reasons to Fear Canada

So true. I say we have a preemptive take over of Canada and form a super country called "Mexico Sucks."


  1. Wolverine is Canadian.

    And, the most important one...
    They unleashed Celine Dion upon the world and they're not mad at anyone.

  2. I think the real threat is the fact that we let Beiber loose.
    EVERYONE would be French and one province would be English if General Wolfe had have died before Montcalm.
    We know what disco IS.... It's just that Neil Young, RUSH, Tragically Hip, Steppenwolf, Bryan Adams, BTO, April Wine, Sloan, Leonard Cohen, Crash Test Dummies, The Guess Who, Finger Eleven, The Trews, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good Band, Jeff Healy Band, (just to name a few) are way better than disco. Hedley is pretty cool too, eccentric but cool and would eat Beiber for breakfast.
    Speaking of Beiber, SURE we have a$$h#les here!
    What you really should be afraid of is our supply of actual beer and the fact that drinking is our second national sport after hockey.
    Adria from Ontario. Close to your border.....