Dude Only Owns 15 Things

So this dude only owns 15 things. It's a pretty cool and interesting story until you consider that this dude owns way more stuff than most homeless people, and more stuff than about half the people in third world countries.

Also interesting, I have more than 15 items in my pockets. My trusty old three-hole-punch, can't leave home without it. You never know when you will need to three-hole-punch some papers. Am I right?

“Constantly shuttling between New York and Silicon Valley for work, Hyde doesn’t live in a house or an apartment. When he’s not working, he’s traveling extensively, taking his worldly possessions of 15 things everywhere he goes. Andrew Hyde says that he has always been interested in the concept of minimalism, starting out by seeing if he could make do with just 100 items. But in August 2010 he took the concept even further, selling all of his belongings but for 15 things.” w/ photos
Via Unique Daily

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