30 Super Cool Beds

When I was a child my parent's made me sleep in a milk crate. But now that I am an adult, I have a nice comfy bed. My wife doesn't let me sleep in it though, so I sleep on the couch. It's not too bad though, she let's me use a pillow. Anyway, I hear that beds are really comfortable, and some can even be really cool. Here are super 30 cool beds:

This one has a zipper blanket. Sort of like a giant sleeping bag.
You know your daughter is spoiled when...
Apparently this bed lets you sleep while standing up.
It's a bed in a box of course.
A giant log bed.
For those with serpentine shaped bodies that are 25 feet long.
Sure it looks nice, but I bet the mosquitoes are awful.
A ying-yang bed.
If you've always wanted to be Big Bird.
This one has a hidden safe.
A true waterbed.
An air conditioned bed. Back in the day, they used to soak their sheets in water before bed. True story.
A trap bed.
Seems too specific for me.
A rocking bed. If this beds a rockin', etc.
A hamburger bed.
A bunch of grape-looking balls you can mold to whatever shape is most comfortable.
A super-d-duper princes bed.
A wall mounted bed that looks like it floats.
Awesome car bed.
I love hammocks. If you are really brave, you can put a bunch of crocodiles under the bed. 
I can't shake the image of sleeping in a disemboweled dog.
It's like sleeping in the forest.
Only a Star Wars bed can guarantee you'll never get laid.
If you just can't go a minute without watching TV.
If sleeping on the lawn has always been your dream.
Converts into two chairs.
A spaceship bed.
Sweet dreams son. Muhahaha!
A bed that drops down from the ceiling.
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  1. Loving your nifty site, I've awarded you with a Liebster Blog award http://alldayidreamofmakeup.blogspot.com/2012/01/my-first-blog-award.html

  2. @Jdwg51887, I'm glad you love it, and thanks for the spiffy award!

  3. Wow! I want those beds and put all of them into my bedroom. By the way, your wife is so sweet on not letting you to sleep in your comfy bed.. :)

    bunk beds for kids

  4. Are there links where I can check the beds out?

  5. when i saw the dog one i was like

    OH GOD WHY!?!?!?!?

  6. These are awesome. I am surprised there were no igloo beds though. The one that was hanging and the one that drops down, I would seriously consider buying one of those. Too Cool!!!

  7. if i'm a girl and like star wars am i still not going to get laid?

  8. It's Yin-yang, not ying-yang. Grammar nazi, out.

  9. Why have you taken copyrighted pictures, removed the copyright and then put your website on the picture as a watermark?

  10. It would be cool if you can create a list of beds with unique upholstered bedheads. Anyways, these list of beds are amazing but I can’t imagine myself sleeping in those type of beds because it looks complicated.

  11. I was looking at the water bed and wandered what would happen if someone fell into the water while sleeping?? aren't they going to drown?

  12. We have the grape bed in our basement bedroom! Since the walls were painted with circle abstract designs, we followed the theme; mostly circular/spherical objects!

  13. What I liked among these beds are the grape-like one, the dinosaur-inspired and that one that hangs on the tree. Yeah, I must say, most of them have unique and one of a kind designs but those were the ones that attracts me the most. I'll make sure to get some stuff that will match up with these options.

  14. Some of the beds have weird designs but they’re cool and awesome. What I like most is the car bed, I swear! That bed is really cool! I just hope I could repair my bed and turn into this one.

  15. You just can't stop people from coming up with crazy ideas for furniture these days. I can just imagine the look on the face of a kid when he wakes up inside that T-rex bed.

  16. I'm totally confident that the trap bed would definitely be a hit wherever store it happens to get sold. I don't care if it's played for laughs; I'd buy one because I honestly think it's a good idea.

  17. The next bed is the bed of my dreams! OuO

  18. anyone want to get a bed