Unique and Strange Toilets and Urinals - Part 2

My first post on cool toilets and urinals was a success, so I thought I'd do another.
Gambling addicts can get their high while they make a mud pie.
I want to use this urinal so badly. First order of business: write my name.
Is that Fisherman's Wharf?
Lumberjacks have to pee somewhere.
Don't try this with a real shark.
Meanwhile in Japan. Is that a washing machine? Why?
For the person to fancy too poop in a poor mans toilet.
If you like pooing in your neighbors flower pots, but you are sick of all the lawsuits, this is the next best thing.
Yep, I think that is candy. A little snack while you sit and think.
Urinate into something beautiful
Because you shouldn't have to stop being a friendless loner when you go to the bathroom.
Sometimes I'm all: "I like this urinal, but I wish that it made me feel like I was tripping on LSD."
Because music is overrated.
Who doesn't get a thrill out of public urination?
Like I said, music sucks.
Why don't all urinals have these? Million dollar idea: Targets in toilet bowls.
Sweet 'stache man.
Mmm, organ meat.
Stick it to Satan.
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  1. Nice Images....The given above pictures is beautiful, We can understand how many types of bathroom urinals. People can make any thing because the creativity has no end.

  2. wow! What a creative bathroom urinals. Looking amazing!