Colorful Poop

Who doesn't enjoy eating enough beets to turn your poop red? But apparently colorful poop isn't just a fun activity anymore. Scientists at Cambridge University are working on some colorful poop health applications. Go science!
"For years, sagely, health-conscious individuals have read the contents of toilet bowls, seeking oracles of good or bad health. But never before has this practice been more colorful.

Scientists have genetically engineered E. coli bacteria to work safely as a biosensor that can detect the presence of toxins and secret an indicator pigment. The synthetically engineered bacteria (which has had its bad bacteria parts removed) could be used to test water or air samples for pollutants such as arsenic or carbon dioxide. Arsenic in the water, the sample turn blue, for example. But that's not all.

By the year 2039, the scientists -- who hail from Cambridge University --think that their so-called E. Chromi could be mixed in with a special probiotic yogurt, which when eaten, would colonize the bowels and release pigments in the presence of diseases such as cancer, stomach ulcers and salmonella. If your poo was green, for example, you might have an ulcer, or if it turned orange, you may want to get tested for colon cancer."

E. chromi from Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg on Vimeo.


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  1. The only thing that comes to mind is... sweetcorn markers, which is a homegrown way to check up on the state of the internal ecology, i.e how long it takes for things to go from mouth to porcelain bowl.