Top 22 Nintendo Games (NES)

Again, I'll start by saying that lists are subjective. If you don't like my list, I'm sorry, go make your own.

22. Kung Fu -
I remember seeing this in every arcade.
The best football game on the NES.
20. Dr. Mario -
A fun multiplayer puzzle game that just like Tetris, got rather addictive.
19. Tetris -
The classic puzzle game. Both challenging and addictive.
Saving your pet frog has never been so fun.
Over 100 levels of bubble blowing fun.
16. R.C. Pro-am -
Best car racing game, since you could attack other racers.
15. Metal Gear -
The first stealth game out there. Still a fun game to this day.
A whip cracking good time, and the predecessor to the even bettwe, Castlevania III.
Neat spin on the classic by adding the ability to throw bad guys and other objects.
12. Ninja Gaiden -
One of the more difficult yet satisfying games on NES.
11. Mega Man III -
Built upon I and II to create a longer, more exciting game.
10. Castlevania III -
Bigger and better than the first.
One of the original 18 titles, and still one of the best.
8. Double Dragon -
An awesome action game.
7. River City Ransom -
In my opinion, this game is better than Double Dragon, as it includes RPG elements that add more depth.
6. Contra -
By far the best shooter game on the NES.
It took me forever to beat Mike Tyson.
4. Metroid -
A big, fun game, set in an interesting world. The best part? It wasn't linear.
The foundation of Nintendo, this game entertained millions and set the stage for great things to come.
The begining of a great franchise. Difficult and immersive, this action RPG had it all.
Some might disagree with my choice, but I think this game pushed NES to it's limits and introduced all sorts of goodies to push this sequal past it's predecessors.

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