Orcus Patera

So I came across the following quote, about a mysterious crater on Mars. No one knows exactly how it was formed:
Orcus Patera is an enigmatic elliptical depression near Mars’s equator, in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. Located between the volcanoes of Elysium Mons and Olympus Mons, its formation remains a mystery. Often overlooked, this well-defined depression extends approximately 380 km by 140 km in a NNE–SSW direction. It has a rim that rises up to 1800m above the surrounding plains, while the floor of the depression lies 400–600 m below the surroundings. The term ‘patera’ is used for deep, complex or irregularly shaped volcanic craters such as the Hadriaca Patera and Tyrrhena Patera at the north-eastern margin of the Hellas impact basin. However, despite its name and the fact that it is positioned near volcanoes, the actual origin of Orcus Patera remains unclear.”

But then it occurred to me, a humble observer, what the cause of this crater must be. Yes, it is obvious to me what created this large indent on the surface of Mars, because only one thing is capable of it. I am speaking of course, of Chuck Norris.

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