Doll Teaches Little Girls How to Breastfeed

Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't think this doll is necessary, and in fact, is rather inappropriate. Your thoughts?

Bebe Gloton, meaning greedy baby, is a doll that comes with a bra-like halter top featuring symbolic flowers for the child to wear. Bebe Gloton latches on to a flower-shaped nipple, emitting a suckling sound, before it has to be burped to stop it from crying.


  1. I wasn't a huge fan of the peeing and pooping dolls. What could they possibly have been thinking on this one?

  2. not at all inappropriate. This is how babies are meant to be fed.
    My daughters nurse their "babies" without the aid of this type of toy. They have never had bottles (blech) for their dolls. No pacifiers for their dolls either.
    My oldest plans to adopt but will still breastfeed.

  3. @Amanda - For starters please show me where it's inappropriate. Is it where the baby doll is suckling air in the general direction of where mother's milk comes from?

    The US is so 'Pro-Don't Upset People Who Are Uncomfortable'. It's so sad that the way we were made to FEED children is deemed inappropriate in a child's play thing. Children play pretend...where do they get this 'pretend' from? From watching those around them.