I'm Finally in Ohio

So I hauled my family and all my worldly possessions across the country this week. It took three days (35 or so hours on the road), but we are finally here. I love our country, but driving on 1-80 through Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio has taught me several things. First, we eat way too much corn. Seriously, there is a lot of it growing out there. Second, I do not want to live in the midwest, outside of any major city, it's simply too boring (sorry to those of you who may love living there). And third, it all looks the same out there.


  1. As a Native of Wyoming, I can pretty much agree with you on every point. I HATE driving I-80 in NE and will go out of my way to do so even if that means extra hours and or miles on the rode. Glad you're save, have fun unpacking!

  2. Where in Ohio did you land? Cleveland, Columbus or Cincinnati? The reason I ask is that you need to check out the corn field at the corner of Rings and Franz in north-eastern Columbus. (I think that it's actually in Dublin if I'm not mistaken).


    Steve G.