Bucky Balls

Ever heard of Bucky Balls? They are these cool little rare earth magnets that you can form into all sorts of cool shapes, or just smoosh as a stress reliever. Anyway, after some fiddling, I made these cool shapes. Thought, I'd share. There are other similar products, but I've never used 'em, so I can't vouch for them.


  1. I bought hundreds of the clones from www.dealextreme.com and my kids love them.

    They have, however, lost some of their shine, some have gotten chipped and the strength can vary making some constructs harder to make than others.

  2. Interesting, thanks. I have noticed with the Bucky Balls, a small amount of a "glitter" like substance collect on my hands after a while. But they still look shiny, and still work just as well; at least thus far.