The BabyKeeper

Behold, the BabyKeeper. Need to poop, but don't want to hold your child on your lap when you do it? Need to pee, and the baby won't balance on your head? Well then the BabyKeeper is for you. As a bonus, your baby will look like a cute little paratrooper, ready to storm the enemy.
I know what you are thinking, why not just hang them from the coat hook on the inside of the door? I have no problem with that, I do it all the time, but some people (get ready for this) have hang ups about it (applause).
From the company website:

The Babykeeper is a patent pending infant carrier-style seat that hangs from the stall wall in public restrooms and can also be used in many fitting rooms.

For babies 6-18 months who can sit unassisted
Simple to use harness system keeps baby securely in the carrier
2 large metal hooks encased in safety webbing, each lined with non-slip material for added security
Easy to use and small enough to take everywhere you go
Durable, easy-to-clean nylon fabric


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