Koala's Bumming a Drink

I received these pictures in my e-mail. I did a little search but couldn't find the original source. Sure koalas look cute and cuddly, but don't be fooled, they'd rip your eyes out and dine on your spongy brain if given the opportunity. Even still, they are awfully cuddly wuddly.

Here a koala is asking for water from some passing cyclists. Apparently the temperature was 120 degrees, and the koalas were desperate.

Here a koala was hiding on someones porch, and they brought him some water. He drinks a little, then bathes in it.


  1. I know they can bite fingers off, but it would be very difficult to not try and pick one up and cuddle it. Way cute.

  2. the last pictures are from Melbourne, there were some massive bush fires and alot of the animals from the bush lost their homes...