18 Retro Soda Ads

I love soda, like a fat kid loves cake. It's been around a long time because it's tasty, like pizza, only less filling. I'm not sure where I'm going with this. Enjoy 18 retro soda ads:

The text on the right could not be more choppy and fragmented. "Alive! Yet subtle. And not so sweet."

Most people don't realize that Squirt got it's name from the terrible diarrhea it causes.

"Because of the real root juices."

"A grand snack for good little indians." What happens to the bad indians?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Crush is no longer made from orange juice. At least, not in quantities sufficient to provide nutrition.

I love pa-zazz!!! Jazz hands!

Oh Dad!

Yes, that is Lucille Ball in a swimsuit riding some sort of sea horse.

"Slumber party? Gee that's dandy! Look your sharpest everyone! Snappy PJs come in handy - 'Fresh up' parties sure are fun!" What?

It's light and refreshing because it is made from the finest pixie pee.

The ginger-downer didn't sell as well.

Shirley Temple loves RC Cola.

Ah! A giant Inuit! That's not refreshing; it's terrifying.

Sources: http://www.ajaxallpurpose.blogspot.com/

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