Cassette Tape Art

Erika Iris Simmons, 26, is an Atlanta–based artist. Simmons likes to work with strange materials. Check out these portraits made from old cassette tapes.

From Woman's Day:

In 2008, Simmons was waiting tables at a Hard Rock Cafe, where one of the lounges was Jimi Hendrix–themed. She explains, "I went home and saw these cassette tapes and was like, hmm." When she pulled out the tape string, she says it reminded her of Hendrix’s hair, inspiring her first portrait made with discarded tapes. "It's still my favorite one. All the magnetic tape I used to make his hair really sparkles in the light," she adds.

Hendrix’s is now one of a number of portraits—most requested by people who saw photos of her work via her account, which she started in December 2008. "I didn't have an art dealer or any art connections; I was just doing this on my dining room table in my free time."

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