That Looks Like...

I have a site dedicated to things that look like other things. Stuff that looks like other stuff. Food, random objects, people and anything else that looks like someone famous, or something altogether different. It's called, That Looks Like...

Anyway, check it out. And if you have something that looks like something else, feel free to send it to me: submitaforward (at)

"When I emailed this to my aunt, her reply was, Wow! Lots of sun in the Midwest!” It takes some squinting to recognise the shape of the (contiguous) US, but some of the country’s most easily recognised shapes are all there, albeit in somewhat distorted form.


  1. My first thought: "This is drugs. This is your country on drugs..."

  2. Why don't they play that commercial anymore? Also, I like the one where the dad finds his sons pot, and the kid says "I learned it by watching you dad. Alright? I learned it by watching you."