Nothing in Particular - 12 01 09

This year's hottest toy is robotic hamsters according to CNNMoney. - It's true. My brother-in-law is a manager at Toys R Us, and he says people are waiting in the parking lot every morning for them to open the store, and they sell out in minutes.

Cyber Monday brought in a staggering four million shoppers per minute. - I bought a book... Seriously though, I'm excited to read the new Wheel of Time.

Ten of the most expensive bicycles on Earth for you to gawk at. - I drive.

Now, vodka that comes in a pill - And you can take the pill with more vodka.

Transparent Computer Screens - Pretty neat.

The Guerrilla Guide to Cheap (and Sometimes Free) Eats - Mmm, food. Mmm, free.

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