Basil Seed Drink

I wonder what this tastes like. It looks really thick. Anyone had it?



  1. I've had it before, it's good. It's a thin liquid that suspends the seeds, which have a membrane around them. It sounds weird, but it's sweet and good. If you want to try it, they sell it at Asian grocery stores everywhere.

  2. yes
    thick or thin makes no differance
    in hot days it is more enjoyable
    can give more taste in ruh afza
    and milk
    u can prepare at home also
    cook little seeds in water
    for two miniute in microwave
    add it to milk with ruhafza

  3. yup. i'm from indonesia and it's a common drink here.
    basil seed has no taste, though. so it's good when mixed with other drink. i like it when mixed with cool fruit cocktail and syrup plus soda water.