13 Strange Christmas Trees

Christmas is in 10 days. 10, that's not very long. Good thing I have my shopping done. Mostly. Anywho, here are 13 strange Christmas trees to get you in the festive mood.

Don't have a tree stand? Nail it to the ceiling.

Festivus for the rest of us.

Plywood is a great alternative to the real thing.

Ladders make a gorgeous tree. Well not really, I was just trying to be polite.

Your money grabbing cougar of a wife have everything money can buy? Well I bet she doesn't have a Louis Vuitton Christmas tree.

Hey look, it's some sort of a thing, that looks like a Christmas tree, kinda.

O classy tree! O classy tree! Much pleasure thou can'st give me; how often has the classy tree afforded me the greatest glee! O classy tree! O classy tree! Much pleasure thou can'st give me.

Ah Pacman, the iconic Christmas character.

Dew Christmas right. Wow, that was cheesy.

Celebrate your alcoholism in style this year. No longer will your debilitating disease ruin the holiday season.

A tree made of many trees. Brilliant!

Hmm, big pile of bikes. Interesting.

And finally, and upside down tree.

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  1. The pac-man tree rawks & I shared it on twitter. Are you on twitter? I hate not giving you credit!

  2. I don't have a twitter account for the site, no. A link back to the site would be a nice credit. It is a cool tree isn't it?

  3. Well great then...I did link to the site using bit.ly to shorten the URL. I love your site and use Google Reader to keep up with it. But, yes, that Christmas Tree is the greatest. I may have to yank it for my picture blog but I promise to be a good girl and give credit!